Elephone S7 Will Feature E-touch 2.0 Fingerprint ID on its Physical Home Button


Recently, Elephone is busy with three models, Elephone C1, Elephone R9, and Elephone S7, Elephone C1 will be a mid-range budget smartphone, but Elephone R9 and Elephone S7 will belong to high-end smartphone which are more attractive. Right now there is much news coming about Elephone S7, which means Elephone S7 will come out soon, And there is big news that Elephone S7 will use E-touch 2.0 fingerprint ID on its physical home button.


As you know, more and more manufacturers have ditched to use physical buttons in order to save costs and process. But Elephone S7 this time still use one home button physically and virtual button combined. And its E-touch features received unlimited recognition from Elephone P9000 users, therefore this feature will be added to Elephone S7 physical buttons too for users to experience the latest E-Touch 2.0 new features. Functionality features and the software is currently being developed and under constantly test at the moment to enhance better user experience.

About Elephone S7 hardware, it will be powered by Helio X20 processor, running Android6.0 system, it will have 5.5inch FHD IPS screen, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB, and its back cover uses PVC design which has made after 15 layers composite material technology process and it can reflect the stunning lumia patten lines. Just stay tuned for more news here.

Compare the price of Elephone S7 from the following stores:

Gearbest:   Elephone S7 MINI 2GB 32GB at $149.99    Elephone S7 3GB 32GB Gloden at$179.99 , Blue at $199.99   Black at $199.99   Green at $209.99
Elephone S7 4GB 64GB Golden at $209.99   Blue at $229.99   Black at $239.99  Green at$249.99  

Banggood:  Elephone S7 Mini 2GB 32GB at $179.99    Elephone S7 3GB 32GB Four colors at $209.99 ~ 234.99   Elephone S7 4GB 64GB Four colors at  $234.99 ~ 258.99

Efox:    Elephone S7 MINI 2GB 32GB at  €129.99     ELEPHONE S7 3GB RAM 32GB ROM at €149.99
ELEPHONE S7 4GB RAM 64GB ROM at  €179.99

Geekbuying:   Elephone S7 MINI 2GB 32GB at $149.99   Other versions will update later.



  1. Can you please upload some camera samples? And camera details? I would love to see those. Because i give more priority to camera and RAM. RAM seems awesome but more information about the camera is needed.

  2. Elephone is becoming the next xiaomi. I think the have set a big goal to catch the western market. They are inventing and involving something new with every next model.

  3. I agree with the solution adopted. In many cases coating results in a bad recognition if wet or dirty finger is used.. so i hope that glass coating is the good solution for reliability and accuracy!

  4. I think the phone looks well and there’s no need for a on-screen navigation, so i think they made a great choice allowing to use both 🙂

  5. honestly they made a good choice with this, it doesn’t restrict users and allow them to choose the way they want to control their phones, which adds an extra layers of customization 🙂

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