Elephone S8 Starts Pre-Sale For Just $240 With Coupon at @Gearbest


A pre-sale of “Elephone S8 that had been out earlier started at GearBest. The display has adopted a 6-inch 2K screen of a three-sided bezel-less, and the processor also has specifications that are distinct from the Helio X series of MediaTek and the Chinese smartphone that adopted the P series pattern.

The price is considerable $240 by using coupon Code: GBELeS8, so if you are interested to check out here.

The official spec of Elepphone S8 is as above. It is a specification that seems to be high with respect to the price that I made you wait, 4 GB RAM, microSD card compatible with 64 GB ROM, MediaTek’s Helio X 25 for the processor, 21 MP of rear camera etc. The port is USB Type-C.

The network is compatible with GSM / WCDMA / LTE / 4G + etc, WCDMA corresponds to band 1/8 and LTE is also 1/3 so it does not write in detail but it is designed to be used well. By the way, it seems that 3.5 mm audio jack has been removed, this is a little disappointing.

By the way, although the model name is S8, the aspect ratio of the display is not like Galaxy, it has the same aspect ratio as the conventional smartphone. Instead, the resolution is 2K (2560 × 1440), so it may be felt smaller than the screen size of 6 inches because it is a three side bezel-less.

Since smartphones with new aspect ratios that are recently in fashion do not feel like moving picture contents are not catching up yet, except for ease of holding and sexy, if you say practicality you can still enjoy big screen It is said that it is not it.

Although there is a bit worried part about holding a battery with a 2K screen, it may be interesting also because it has 4000 mAh battery installed.

Elephone S8 Presale is starting at GearBest and it is possible to purchase cheaply at $240 using the coupon code “GBELeS8“.

As for the characteristics of the recent Chinese-based EC site ·”models of famous brands such as Xiaomi / OnePlus tend to be gradually lowered with the first high price”, conversely such a model is “if the first presale is quite cheap” There are also, so it may be good to consider whether this price is appropriate.

Start (Beijing time) End Items (English) pro price ($) Coupon Amount
2017/9/29 02:00 Elephone S8 4G Phablet 236.99 11nov121 100

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