Elephone U-Disk with Fingerprint Encryption, More Secure USB Disk Option


Currently, more and more electronic devices come with a fingerprint function including smartphones, tablet pcs, laptops, etc. Elephone as a leading smartphone manufacturer is also designed to release the first Elephone U-disk. It supports fingerprint encryption and comes soon to be reported.


As you know, when we have USB disk, but sometimes we hide some important files in it, we need privacy, so this Elephone U-Disk features  fingerprint encryption so that others can’t open it until using my finger to unlock.

In terms of its storage, it has divided into two parts such as public and private zone. So it’s good for us to store what we want in public zone, and store those important or confidential files in private zone that we want. And it also claims very fast and accurate to use this device by fingerprint identification.

As for its design, Elephone U-Disk comes with chrysalis full metal jacket, and this powerful U-disk can support Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android systems. So it is very multi functional to be compatible with various OS you have. Let’s stay tuned about its price, and release date.


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