Elephone U Pro Coming in Domestic Markets, Approved by TENAA Certification MIIT in China


Elephone has always focused on overseas markets. Due to the wide variety of products, frequent new products, and most products have concerns, Elephone technology is not influential in China. According to the information released by the official Manufacturer, there are still a lot of new products in the follow-up Elephone. coming soon. In addition to the new Device that is worth looking forward to, Elephone has recently made great news, and its flagship product Elephone U PRO, which has been sold overseas, has recently entered the China network, which means that Elephone is very likely to return to the domestic market!

This product has officially passed the network inspection of the Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center MIIT. The application unit is Zhangzhou Ailefeng Technology Co., Ltd., and the complete product name is Alefeng Elephone U PRO. Throughout the domestic network, this new product, regardless of the design or basic parameters are consistent with the overseas version.

The network access information shows that the domestic Elephone U PRO also uses a 5.99-inch 18:9 FHD+ full-screen screen. The screen surface and back are designed with 3D glass. The left and right sides have the large curved surface design, rich in color, red, black and blue. Four versions of gray, the back cover is also used for glare processing, the whole machine size is 154 × 72.5 × 8.35mm.

The domestic version U PRO has 3550mAh battery, memory has 4+64G/6+128G two versions, equipped with an eight-core processor with the main frequency of 2.2GHz (Overseas version is SD 660), equipped with 8+13 megapixel camera, rear dual-camera, running Android 8.0 system, support face/fingerprint recognition, and full Netcom network.

At present, the Elephone U PRO overseas version has already been on sale. The 6+128G version is priced at US$399.99, which is about RMB 2,744. However, it is well known that the domestic market is extremely competitive. If Elephone really enters China, the price of the domestic version of U PRO is expected. Will be lower to adapt to market competition.


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