Elephone U2 Compared to iPhone XR or iPhone Xs Max in This Video


Elephone U2 provides you completely full-screen experience without a notch, with 6.26″ display, 92% screen percentage. Apple introduced its new iPhone lineup last year and shocked everyone with the pricing they chose. Together with the premium iPhone XS/Max, the iPhone XR came to play the role of the “affordable” model of the Series. Of course, $800 isn’t cheap especially when there are dozens of models from Chinese manufacturers that sport better specs and design at a much lower price. One of these is the upcoming Elephone U2 that features a triple rear camera as well as a dual pop-up selfie shooter. Today, the manufacturer published ELEPHONE U2 vs iPhone XR & iPhone Xs Max comparison video, A quick look at is not bringing any new info though so all we know about it is based just on looking at the few-second teaser video Below. Most likely, the device will be available in the coming days.

ELEPHONE U2 provides you a completely full-screen experience without a notch. As extremely slimming the bezel, the bottom chin of ELEPHONE U2 is only 3.5mm, which reaches a huge screen-to-body ratio of 92%. As you can see in the video, the Elephone U2 features a more advanced design since it lacks a notch thanks to its dual pop-up selfie camera. This brings the screen/body ratio to 92%! Also, the bezels are thinner than those on the iPhone XR and iPhone Xs Max, indicating that Apple has lost its superior manufacturing talent.

ELEPHONE U2’s screen more visually pleasing and comfortable for you. Wide color gamut provides stunning color, while 8% of power consumption provides an extension of time to daily use. ELEPHONE U2’s bezel is narrower an average of 1.5mm than the smartphones with traditional screen technology, which also realizes 3.5mm bottom chin. Easy on the eyes, easy in the hand, with 6.26” FHD+ full screen, 19.5:9 ratio display. U2’s compact design still offers enough space for a class-leading full view 6.26” FHD+ display, by hiding the infrared range and optical sensing devices cleverly, which our rivals could only dream of.

Elephone U2 comes with a bigger Incell IPS display as it measures 6.26″ and has a higher, FHD+ resolution. Lastly, the rear camera is where the U2 really excels, featuring a triple sensor 16MP/5MP/2MP configuration and an f/1.6 aperture for good low-light shooting. You can learn all the details about it, here.


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