Elephone U2 – in Comparison with Oppo F11 Pro, Here Are Some Pictures


The development of Elephone U2 and Elephone U2 Pro is going on longer than expected, both smartphones were announced in September last year and we still don’t know for sure when (and at this point if) they will be launched. To return to let us talk about Elephone U2, in these hours, the images published by the parent company that compares the product with the Oppo F11 Pro smartphone.

ELEPHONE U2 is really becoming quite extensive and the delay if starting to border on “too much”. But the Chinese brand is still showing new and new proofs that they are actually really working on the phone so it’s just a pure matter of time before it’s released. The only question is if it’s going to equipped to stand against the competition because while it looked pretty impressive on paper during the unveiling a few months ago, the market reality now is pretty different.

Both are characterized by a pop-up selfie camera with dual sensors in the case of Elephone U2. No further details were provided regarding the technical data sheet, from the previous statements we know of the presence of a 6.26 inch screen, a triple rear camera and a side mounted fingerprint reader (choice dictated by the solutions available last year, when the readers integrated in the displays were still very expensive and poorly adopted).

The specs of the phone are partially still a mystery because of a few of those. Like the 6,26-inch display, pop-up dual selfie camera, triple rear cameras, side mounted fingerprint scanner, Android 9 Pie system or unspecified “Translator” feature, whatever that means. But at least you can check today the new set of pictures for the phone because it gets compared with the already released Oppo F11 Pro. The ELEPHONE U2 uses slightly different pop-up selfie camera module, but for the comparison sake, it’s not a bad idea to have both of them next to each other.

At this point, all that remains to Elephone is to confirm the launch date and the price of U2, putting an end to this endless wait that threatens to deliver us a device that is no longer innovative. All the ELEPHONE fans are probably already praying at their mobile altars because the phone needs to come to the market sooner than later to stand a chance. And of course, it wouldn’t hurt if the pricing for ELEPHONE U2 would be set low too because that should be one of the main weapons of the model. Hopefully, we shall see soon.


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