ELEPHONE W3 Smart Wristband Review: New Concept Color Screen Multi-Sports Mode Smart Bracelet


The brand Elephone may not be very well known among technology followers, but it is one of those that have been making low-priced and good-quality devices for a long time, both in smartwatch and in phones. Now this company launches the Elephone W3. After B3,B5,W7, now Elephone launched a Third version ELEPHONE W3 but this time with a large 1.33 Inch Big Colored Screen. The Chinese smartwatch comes with a similar look to the apple smartwatches, with a 1.33 inch IPS panel with impeccable 240 x 240 resolution. as well as W3 can easily be modified with custom themes to match your style.


ELEPHONE W3 is made of silicone composite material of special high-end medical grade. It features a lightweight, breathable and comfortable design that you’re willing to wear it all day long. The W3 adopts a zinc alloy chassis with a beautiful sandblasted finish for everlasting wear resistance. With 2.5D tempered glass mirror, the ELEPHONE W3 of excellent rub and scratch resistance is crystal clear and the luster will always stay. ELEPHONE W3 offer a fuller and clearer picture. All screen design is graced with a 1.33 inch IPS panel with impeccable 240 x 240 resolution. The ELEPHONE W3 undergoes 108 processes to ensure quality.

ELEPHONE W3 smartwatch is “too” similar to Apple Watch. The weight of this watch is only 57.4g. A strap with breathable holes will provide comfort even with a lot of sweating. Due to the interchangeable design of the straps, you can change the color of the accessory in accordance with your image. The straps are available in several colors of your choice. Silicone straps (presented in 4 colors) have a stitch structure, thanks to which the hand does not sweat and the strap fixation is freely regulated. A special stainless steel strap also serves as a lock. ELEPHONE W3 shows elegance as well as calmness, making you fashionable enough.


ELEPHONE W3 smartwatch is powered by Nordic-Nrf52832 MPU chip, the smartwatch features a Static Heart Rate Monitoring, Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring, Multi-sport Mode, Sleeping Track, Mileage or Step Recording, Calories Burning and Sedentary Reminder. Built-in multiple sports modes, Walking, Running, Bicycling, Rope-skipping, Playing badminton, basketball, soccer, and so on, it records a colorful and interesting life. ELEPHONE W3 receive incoming calls it will also keep you up to date with notifications, social media updates and more. ELEPHONE W3 supports 24-hour monitoring of heart rate changes. You can adjust your time frame and the amount of exercise you do according to your heart rate curve, which helps you perform better and healthier. ELEPHONE W3 Track your sleep pattern and quality with the combination of heart rate monitoring, which helps to improve the accuracy. With 180mAh battery capacity as a powerful backing, ELEPHONE W3 can be used for up to 10 days on a single charge(only 3 hours)and its standby time is 25 days.


The ELEPHONE W3 uses hypoallergenic materials for the ultimate comfort. So comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it. The biggest advantage of ELEPHONE W3 Smart Wristband is looked like the Amazfit BIP and Apple Watch. You can learn more about it on their Official ELEPHONE website.


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