Email Marketing: Is It Still Worth Investing?


Digital marketing is no longer a choice for businesses operating in the 21st century. Every business needs to hire a reliable digital marketing agency in Sarasota to augment its marketing efforts and reach a wider base of customers. That being said, there is no effective digital marketing without email marketing. 

While it may sound like an ineffective marketing method in today’s world, in reality, the number of email users will grow to 4.3 billion by 2023. This clearly indicates that email marketing is still a worthy investment for every business. Still not convinced? Here are a couple of reasons highlighting why your business must invest in email marketing.      

  1. Seamless Integration With Other Marketing Strategies: Email marketing has always been known for its flexibility, and even today, email marketing can be seamlessly integrated with other marketing strategies. For instance, a business can integrate its email marketing efforts with social media marketing efforts to drive better results. One can even integrate social media share buttons on the emails to enhance social media marketing with minimal effort. Email marketing can also be leveraged to promote content published on the website and increase the number of clicks on the website for better SEO performance.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness Of Email Marketing: 

There are many channels to market your business. However, email marketing still holds the position of being one of the most budget-friendly ways to market your business. Email marketing with any reliable digital marketing agency in Sarasota can help you generate extensive results with minimal cost. The main reason behind this is that email marketing is one of those few marketing tools that promises great returns on investments. Therefore, if you are a business with an ambition to reach a huge base of customers with a small budget, email marketing is what you need.

      3.Customers Prefer Emails Over Other Marketing Channels:

A staggering number of people from all around the globe are now using mobile phones. While SMS marketing and chatbots are great tools for marketing your products, one has to understand that receiving numerous SMSs from a brand can be annoying. However, that is not the case with email marketing because this is something customers can read at their own convenience. This is why 83% of customers still prefer to hear from their preferred brands through emails rather than any other channel.            

   4.Email Marketing Can Be Automated:

The best quality about email marketing is that businesses can automate this entire ordeal. This enables businesses to deliver emails in a timely manner, further contributing towards making customers feel valued. This means you can facilitate the automated triggering of emails whenever a customer searches for any specific product or visits your website. This also allows businesses to save a lot on cost while focusing on other value-driven tasks. In addition, automated email marketing is also a great way to boost customer retention with minimal effort.

In Conclusion

As there is no shortage of digital marketing channels to market a business, email marketing remains one of the most effective. However, a business must never overlook the importance and potential of email marketing and hire a reliable digital marketing agency in Sarasota to drive amplified results.      


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