Enhancing Productivity with Electronic Signatures by SignNow


Enhancing Productivity with Electronic Signatures by SignNow

More and more companies make a transition from the physical paperwork to its digitalized form. When you need to sign documents the usual way, it takes time to deliver them to a recipient, gather all the necessary information, and pass it further. With electronic solutions, the whole process becomes much quicker and simpler. Many companies known worldwide have already decided to switch to the digital format, and the results are impressive. This can boost the efficiency and profitability of a company significantly.

However, to have a smooth transition, it is important to choose the right software. When a different program is employed for various processes instead of some main software, digitalization can cause various issues and inconveniences. Often, companies have a certain program for e-signatures, another one – for sending documents, and so on. With SignNow, you can have a well-rounded digital documentation experience and enjoy increased efficiency.

The Advantages of SignNow Compared with other Kinds of E-Signature Software

Nowadays, the market is full of various solutions for working with electronic signatures, although the majority of them lack quality and versatility. Based on numerous reviews from SignNow users, it is safe to say that this software is one of the best options currently available. This program has many advantages that make it stand out:

  • Inclusiveness – working with documentation often involves sharing it with clients or business partners. Therefore, electronic signature software should be accessible not only for the employees of a company but also for everyone involved. SignNow does a good job by providing simple solutions for each user;

  • Accessibility – to achieve maximum convenience and simplicity for the users, the developers took care of the interface and made it very easy to understand and navigate. You do not have to possess any additional computer skills above the average to use the software efficiently;

  • Coverage – having all the documents in a digital format opens many possibilities for accessing and managing them from anywhere. To increase the coverage of the program, it was developed for a variety of devices. SignNow can be utilized on a PC, a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone. The smartphones with iOS or Android will be able to support the program;

  • Safety solutions – the main priority for the developers apart from making the program accessible was its superior security. Official documents are highly important, and any information leakage is unacceptable. This is why the newest methods of encryption are used for protecting the data.

The Features Included in the SignNow Software

Many companies use at least a few different programs to digitalize various processes. The developers of SignNow decided to add a wide range of features into a single computer program for the convenience of users. Versatility is often mentioned as one of the strongest points of SignNow in customer reviews. This makes SignNow truly versatile and irreplaceable for businesses. Here are some of the most demanded features:

  • Enclosing various files – in case you need some additional information with the document you have sent for signing, there is an option for requesting a file attached. This way, a recipient will have to enclose a document with their response;

  • Customizing the documents – each specific paper requires certain information from a recipient. Whether it is a single signature, some written information, or the date of signing, you can make the process of finalizing the document a lot easier. There are a few different designated fields for each purpose. When a field for a signature is placed, for example, a recipient will be able to edit only this part but not any other text in the document. This helps in eliminating possible confusion regarding the fields that need to be filled and saves a lot of time;

  • Solutions for placing signatures – within a signature field, you can choose a couple of options for the method of making a signature. Depending on your preference, you can choose to upload a scanned image of a signature, write it in text form, or even use a mouse to draw it digitally. Each of the solutions is legal, and the signature used will remain in the system, so that you can easily return to it in the future;

  • Signature lines – you can create a line of recipients for them to sign a paper in a specific order. This allows automating the process instead of sending a single paper to each recipient one by one and waiting for their response. This is a great time saver as you will only have to wait for the document to return fully completed;

  • Notifications – if you want to know exactly when a certain document is signed and finished, it is simple to set up notifications. You will receive a note when a paper is completed to keep track of documentation.

Choose SignNow for Enhancing Your Business

SignNow is an excellent choice for those companies that value quality and modern technology. The solutions provided by SignNow are both time and cost-efficient, boosting the overall productivity of any business. The software is intuitive and simple to navigate, which makes it accessible for any employee or client without additional training. The users of SignNow note in their reviews that the simplicity of the program is very convenient.

Based on the reports from various successful companies, the positive effect that SignNow produces on their productivity can be felt almost immediately. With such a simple and quick to use piece of software, all the processes connected to documentation will be enhanced.


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