Enjoy Big Coupons and Half Price for Top Tablet PCs Daily and Jumper EZBOOK 3S at $269.99


Last month, we enjoyed the annual anniversary from Gearbest, do you think the best price and discounts have ended, of course not, right now Gearbest has held the exclusive half price for some top tablet pcs daily at 9:00 UTC on July 3, July 4, and July 5,  which is quite attractive, in addition, you will enjoy the best price about Jumper EZbook 3S at $269.99 from July 3 to July 10.  Just check them out.

First,  at 9:00 UTC on July 3, July 4 and July 5, you have chance to grab DERE D17 Notebook at $89.99, 6 units left, Onda V10 4G Phablet at $59.99, 6 units left, Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 850F Tablet PC at $79.99, 3 units left, and AZPEN A1160 Notebook at $69.99, 5 units left. They all enjoy the half price, it is worthwhile to have a try.

Second,  in Hot and New Tablets, you can enjoy the biggest coupon to catch the one you want. For example, Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 coupon code: CLapBook at $309.99, Lenovo P8 Tablet PC Coupon code: LenovoP8 at $154.99, Cube iPlay 10 Tablet PC coupon code: iPlay10 at $98.99.

Third, about Hot Notebooks, there are 15inch, 14inch, 13 inch, 12 inch, 11 inch and gaming PCs, you can choose according to your needs, right now they all enjoy the lowest price you haven’t ever seen, such as CHUWI LapBook 15.6 at $169.99, Jumper EZBOOK 3S  at $279.99, but you can catch it at $269.99 by using coupon code: EZBOOK3S, valid for 50 units, from July 3 to July 10.

We just introduced parts of the Big Promotion about Tablet PC and notebooks, if you are interested in Jumper Ezbook 3S, don’t forget to use coupon code: EZBOOK3S, besides this option, you can check more details here.


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