Enter the 3D World with the VRmoke 3D VR Glasses (Coupon included)


More and more 3D movies enter in our world. They are better, more live, more fascinating. For this reason 3D VR Glasses are more and more needed. And why not when you can enjoy the movies you want at home, using a good set of 3D VR Glasses. For this reason Gearbest proposes to us the VRmoke 3D VR Glasses, that are good and very cheap at the same time!

Τhe VRmoke 3D VR Glasses are very well designed. They come with a very comfortable sponge cushion, which helps to have no pressure to your nose bridge and eyelids. The VR Glasses are compatible with all kind of mobiles that have a screen dimension between 3.5 to 6 inches.

The VR Glasses are also suitable for people with myopia. The VRmoke 3D Glasses have even special port for your earphones to plug them in to your mobile, so you can have the best sound and vision enjoyment. The VR Glasses feature 60 degree wide angle view. The VR Glasses feature also adjusting buttons to adjust the focus and pupil distance. Their weight is about 0.456 kg and have dimensions 18.80 x 11.00 x 8.50 cm.

Τhe VRmoke 3D VR Glasses is the best choice that one could make to enter the 3D world. Supports all needed features and above that you can find it at a very low price. Just go over to Gearbest and use our coupon code GB9% in order to get it for only $20.53.


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