Enter the Bingo caller’s hall of fame


Bingo online has quickly become a favourite pastime for many – the rich and famous alike! Playing Bingo online is the perfect way to let off a bit of steam, especially when you’re on the go, or even waiting for your next scene on set! Some of our most treasured on-screen stars are partial to a game or two, so much so, that a lot of them even went on to try their hands at calling out the numbers!

Keep reading to find out which of your favourite celebrities have braved the stage and been Bingo callers for the day!

First let’s take a trip to Soapland, as many of the most-loved characters from our daily guilty pleasure have also found themselves calling out the numbers for a highly-anticipated game of Bingo. Shane Richie is best known for his role as Alfie Moon, a hard-up pub landlord on the staple British drama Eastenders, but his career hasn’t always been that way. Previous to his break into acting, Richie started out as a Bingo caller at his local brick-and-mortar venue, gaining the confidence he needed to continue on into the world of acting! To this day, the cockney actor can still be spotted partaking in the odd game of Bingo at the weekends. Old habits die hard, ay?

Gary Barlow, best known for being Take That’s multi-talented frontman, was also such a fan of the game that he jumped at the chance to get to be a Bingo caller, before he found his fame. The songwriter’s love for the game is still going strong, much like Richie, as he regularly hosts his own bingo nights, as well as organising a game or two when he’s on tour, to help his staff unwind, and fuel his enthusiasm for the game, dubbing it “Barlow’s Bingo”. Speaking on his previous occupation, Barlow confessed: “I used to love reading out the numbers. We have bingo nights backstage on the Take That tour to help everyone relax”. Barlow also incorporated the game into his 10th wedding anniversary celebration! Let’s just hope his wife is as much of a fan of Bingo as he is!

Now going over to warmer climates, Australian actor Russell Crowe is another celebrity that has a history with Bingo. Most famous for his roles in Gladiator and Robin Hood, Crowe has undoubtedly made a name for himself on the streets of Hollywood, but, much like most famous faces, it hasn’t always been that way! One of his first jobs was actually as a Bingo caller at a local venue, although he was soon fired from the role for using inappropriate rhymes when calling out the numbers. Bingo has always used rhymes when announcing each numbered ball, but those have developed and changed throughout the years. At first, the phrases were heavily rooted in military reference such as “62 to Waterloo”, referencing one of the stations that they frequented. These later developed into film puns and cockney slang, most of which we still hear today. Now, we’re all familiar with the risqué old “legs eleven”, but what Crowe said to land him the sack? That, we don’t want to know!


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