ESCAM QH001 Security Camera Review: Features IP Camera Motion Detection with Smart Analysis Function


The ESCAM QH001 IP Camera is an amazing and very important piece of gadget that comes with manifold security features for protecting home. Its record HD images and record them on a memory card, or if the phone app is open, you can save the live image. It also supports Android and iOS, so Apple users do not even have to abandon it. At night, you can see the infra-red LEDs officially up to 10 meters.


It is a compact device that measures 108mmx108mmx75mm and it is equipped with an HD camera. It has a total weight of 160 grams.  This clearly shows that it is handy and light. It comes in an all-white color. ESCAM QH001 comes with a 2-megapixel camera with a lens size of 3.6 mm and it supports 75.7°-degree wide-angle photo shooting. It supports a maximum resolution of 1080P(1920*1080). Even at night time, it can clearly show the people standing at the door.


With Wi-Fi connectivity, it can get connected to the internet and with an app, the smart doorbell can show who standing at the door through the phone’s screen. In other words, with the Wi-Fi feature, the ESCAM QH001 can be controlled remotely. It can be used with Android and iOS platforms. It Supports Day/Night, IR distance 15m, makes your night view as daytime. It.also Supports smart analysis function which can be divided into

  Target Count-–Calculating body or object flow
  Object Left/Lost—It will issue an alarm when items are left or lost
  Area Detection—Detecting target in the area
  Line Crossing—It will issue an alarm after crossing the warning line


If you take a critical look at the ESCAM QH001 IP Camera, you would agree with me that this is one of the best IP cameras of its kind. It comes at a very budget price of just $32.99 on Banggood. 


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