Evercross Electric Scooter Review – Easy Fold-And-Carry Design For Just $498.99 at Gearbest


Evercross Electric Scooter perfect for adults and Teenagers! Compact, lightweight (only 12kg thanks to its premium quality aluminum body), and foldable, it can be both your means of transport and easily transported when needed! It is an ideal transportation tool for school, work, fitness, short distance trips and free time with its compact, practical, easy to transport and drive features.

Buy Evercross Electric Scooter from Gearbest


Evercross Electric Scooter made of Aluminum alloy has high strength and lightweight, which greatly reduces the weight of the whole vehicle and makes riding easier and safer. The chromed bolts that hold the body pieces together make a beautiful contrast with the black matte full metal body. The body and handle folding function makes it easy for you to fold the scooter in a few seconds, which is easy to store and carry, and easily solves the troubles of user handling and storage. 8.5-inch solid tires, wear-resistant anti-skid wheel surface, good shock absorption, suitable for different types of roads. Electronic brakes, double protection of foot brakes, high-efficiency braking, quick response, and safer riding. You could check the speed, mileage, time, power, voltage, etc information via the Display Screen.

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The Evercross Electric Scooter has a powerful LED headlight that can move safely in dark surroundings. The built-in braking system, you will find a dual method that combines a magnetic brake on the front wheel to a physical brake on the rear wheel. You can decide which one to use depending on the different situations. In addition, the large taillights allow other road users to see your location clearly to make sure of your night-time safety. With its 250W 3-speed engine it can reach 30Km / h, lithium battery could reach the travel distance up to 30KM. Meanwhile, the model catches the highest security level at the forefront of technology.


Evercross Electric Scooter is the perfect adult kick scooter designed for a speedy commute or a trip around town. On top of that, the easy-folding mechanism allows you to take the teen scooter anywhere and everywhere. You can buy it from Gearbest at $498.99 in Flash Sale

Buy Evercross Electric Scooter from Gearbest


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