Everyone Needs It, Lemorele 8 in 1 USB C Hub Review


I’m going to talk about a problem we all have.
We all now own a PC, either personally or for our family and home use and there are never enough ports to connect our necessary devices

So, one Hub it is absolutely necessary.

We will see a very good and tested solution today in a very short presentation video of 8 in 1 USB C Hub multiport adapter from Lemorele company.

It has all the necessary certifications, like Rohs FCC CE recycling mark e,t.c

The model is TC-38

And let’s see together the ports and first of all two Type C ports

The HDMI port.

And here TF and SD cards reader and 3 USB type A ports

But we forget that it can connect, on a mobile phone. We do not say it and it is very serious and very important because we can very easily backup our videos, photos or anything else from our mobile phone to an SD card through such a Hub…

I think it is a very useful and economical product with very good quality that everyone should have.

For those who wish to purchase it can be found here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09GLR39RK/ref=emc_bcc_2_i?th=1


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