Evolution of video games


When you think of video games, you probably might not think of them as an industry on par with others like auto or entertainment, some individuals do not think of them as an industry at all, but they certainly are an important industry and have constantly evolved over the past fifty years with tremendous changes. Gaming has been around for decades, from Pong to the latest consoles like ps5 and the xbox series x, gaming has evolved with various technological advancement. 

Video games today use the best technologies that are more in-depth and sensitive to players capabilities. Other gaming activities like sports betting also make use of this technology to create websites like CasinoChan that provide seamless experience for their clients. Take a look at how far video games have come below.

                                History of gaming 

Despite its humble beginning, the gaming industry has come a long way to becoming the multi-billion dollar industry it is now. Gaming started as early as the 1950s, computer scientists began designing simple games like Nimrod (in1951), Strachey’s Draughts Program (1951), Tic-Tac-Toe (1951), and Tennis for Two (1958) e.t.c. As computer technology advanced, higher performing computers were invented. Games like Moon Landing, 3D Tic-Tac-Toe, and Spacewar! became more popular. Spacewar in 1965, became one of the first commercially sold arcade games, it was followed shortly by “computer space” that debuted in 1971. 

The history of gaming started fully when  Ralph Baer came up with the idea of an entertainment device that could be hooked up to a television. He came up with the “Brown Box”, a video game console that could play table tennis.

The gaming industry in early times contained predominantly simple, yet addicting arcade games that could be found in public places like restaurants and laundromats. In 1971, Nolan Bushnell built Pong; a huge important piece in the gaming industry, Pong was available in the arcades and sold over 70,000 cabinets in 1972 alone. Games like Gran Trak 10 (1974), Tank (1974), Wheels (1975), Gun Fight (1975), Sea Wolf (1976) also originated at this time. The first generation of home consoles and main frame computers operated on BASIC & C programming languages.

                               Modern gaming 

The emergence of early online gaming began in the 1980s, arcade games popularity declined due to the popular demand of home entertainment and gaming options.

As mobile phones became popular, the demand for mobile gaming increased as well, wide varieties of mobile games ranging from puzzle games, to strategy multiplayer games and vintage arcade-inspired games were launched. The development of app stores by Apple and Google rivaled the consoles market with successful hits like Angry Bird, Candy Crush, and Words with Friends.

The PS5, PS5 Digital Edition, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, has launched the new generation of gaming.


With the advancement of technology, the gaming industry is expected to grow in the coming years. New technologies will soon be replaced by newer ones just like we’ve seen in the development of this industry. Game enthusiasts should expect developments that’ll be combined with emerging technologies like 5g network e.t.c 

The possibilities of future growth in the gaming industry are endless! 


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