Experience The Art Of Advanced Video Editing On Your Macbook


Are you scouring the internet for the finest video editing tools or the best video editing software for Mac available out there, you have to come to the right place.

InVideo lets you create professional-looking videos on your Mac at absolutely no cost. And in case you are wondering, no, there are no irritating watermarks either!

So, what makes InVideo the best video editing software for Mac? For starters, it is extremely easy to use and quite intuitive. It is one of the finest video editing tools available for Mac and it will take you a few minutes to start churning out epic videos, whatever be your purpose.

If you want a video for your Facebook or Instagram, InVideo has a wide range of presets that work great on both the social media platforms. All you need is a bit of imagination, and InVideo will do the rest. That’s why InVideo is the best video editing software for Mac.

What makes InVideo the finest video editing tools out there is our customer-centric outlook. InVideo is a tool we have made for YOU. Our agenda is simple: we focus on making you happy and hopefully, you will spread the word if you had a pleasant experience.

Still not convinced about InVideo being the best video editing software for mac? Here are some great features to further convince you:

  • InVideo is completely free!
  • None of the two videos you make will look alike. With its collection of over a million stock images to choose from and the variety of templates available, you will always be producing something fresh.
  • Here’s a guarantee from our side: put in a bit of effort and all your videos will look professional.
  • None of the videos created on InVideo has a watermark. Remember what we told you about our thoughts on marketing our name? It’s true!
  • You can use your own photographs and videos along with the stock images. You can even use the text wherever you want.
  • InVideo allows you to add music from both its in-built music library (which is exhaustive and covers every genre possible) and your own library.
  • InVideo also allows you to add a voice-over in your video.
  • InVideo is easy to learn, fun to use and will make you look pro in no time.

Now that you are convinced that InVideo is one of the finest video editing tools out there, here are five simple steps to create a video using InVideo (right from your Mac!):

Create an account

Click on the ‘Sign up’ option on the top right corner of the home page. You can either create your login ID and password or use your Facebook or Google account to sign up (no, we don’t post on your wall, it’s solely for your credentials). Once you log in, it’s time to prepare for your very first video.


Go through our in-depth guide to create your first video and get to know the dashboard a bit better and familiarise yourself with the tools and options available.

Spend some time planning how you want your first video to look. What is the purpose of your video – is it solely for entertainment or is it for an upcoming event or a special day. Think about the kind of look and feel it would require, what kind of music should play in the background and what text should accompany the visuals if any.

Making the video

It is always best to make your videos short and peppy. Think about it. Will you sit around for a 10-minute video? Probably not. A shorter video also allows you to ensure people watch the entire thing and hear out your message completely. Pack in as much information as quickly as you can. When it comes to videos: less is more.

Make sure the background music complements your video. The right music might elevate your video from good to excellent, while the ‘wrong’ kind can devalue your efforts. Music plays a major role in perception, so give this proper thought before committing to one particular track. With InVideo being one of the finest video editing tools with its expansive libraries, finding the right song will be a breeze.

Once your first video is ready, click on the ‘Preview’ option to check whether the video has come out as intended. In case it hasn’t, you can make the required changes with the content, look-and-feel, animation, or playback speed of the video.

Once you have made the desired changes and are satisfied with the final product, click on the ‘Preview & Export’ button to finalise the video. It’s that easy, that’s exactly what makes InVideo the best video editing software for your Mac!

Get feedback

Try to end the video with a ‘call to action’ that elicits a response. The more people feel like they should engage with your video, the better idea you will have of what to improve, what works and what doesn’t. And we at InVideo guarantee you a spectacular response from the crowd. We just know it!

Now, this was just the first video. We sincerely hope it was a pleasant experience. More importantly, we hope you had fun doing it. Because we know that is the time when true magic happens.

Once you are done with your first video, there are some warnings we would like to send across. We know this from past experience, from satisfied users we have seen in the past.

Here it is: you might feel like going for another video right away! In fact, we have seen people make several different videos right after the first video since they found InVideo to be one of the finest video editing tools!

If that is the case with you, we are much obliged. And while practice makes perfect, please don’t get so lost in your Mac making videos that you forget to go to work!

And if you liked the experience of making videos on the best video editing software for Mac available out there, do let us know. We will be waiting for your feedback with a notepad and a pen in hand.


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