F1 Plus Smartband| Colour OLED Screen| 4 Reasons For Try To This (Coupon Inside)


F1 Plus Smartband is a smart wristband that works as a clever notification assistant and additionally, as a real wristband, The smartband comes square OLED single-touch screen and has a square dial. The smartband is available in with unique functions of tracking the blood pressure of the consumer and lots greater. It has a number of sensors like the HRM, Bluetooth, accelerometer and so on.

1. Design

Long lasting TPU material, brings a comfy enjoy when you exercise sweat, sleep, OLED display screen with touch button manage, water-resistant and dustproof layout underneath the degree of IP67, The first-class craft make the band easy to take on & off by means of stainless steel metallic Buckle.

2. Build

The F1 Plus Smartband green light emitting role close to the pores and skin, the distance among the 2 isn’t greater than 1.2cm. take a seat immobile. severe exercising can motive fast changes in coronary heart price, main to a lack of coronary heart price. Horizontal placement. take a seat and region your hands on the desk, your palms should be increased above your coronary heart, and your blood flow pressure is just like your coronary heart. it’s greater dependable to the degree your coronary heart rate.

3. Functions

The F1 Plus Smartband will routinely measure the present blood oxygen, blood pressure, coronary heart rate, energy, steps in the sharp hour. you can add manually measure the information by using the APP, while the bracelet switched to the particular mode, the tool will automatically begin measuring. if you do now not need to measure, please hold switching. The coronary heart price, BP, SpO2 can be measured by means of manually or mechanically via bracelet or APP. We have to anticipate 60 seconds of size time.

4. Battery

The bracelet has an ability of 90 mAh battery – it’s quite a lot of how this sort of element, however, patience isn’t very large and it is in the massive element due to the color of the display screen. similarly to loading must endure 3-7 days, but the precise number relies upon on what you will do with it. If you turn on continuous heart rate dimension and other functions, the standby time could be the smallest, if such capabilities switch on only when essential, undergo plenty longer.

Where To Shop

The F1 Plus Smartband is coming with 3 specific shades Black, Blue, and red. The F1 Plus Smartband is now avaialble on TOMTOP simply at $16.99 the use of Coupon Code: HTY3FG.


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