F88 Dual Camera RC Drone Review – 1080p/4K Foldable Quadcopter For Just $44.99/49.99 at TOMTOP


Travel is not a race, it’s a journey. Capture this moment with a camera or something different? F88 Dual Camera RC Drone is your choice. F88 Dual Camera RC Drone has two cameras, One is in the front of the RC drone and one is under the drone. You can switch the two cameras optionally when playing the drone and enjoy different scenery from a different perspective.


F88 Dual Camera RC Drone is a super functional RC quadcopter with outstanding appearance and foldable design and design echoes those of the Mavic Pro. The F88 Dual Camera RC Drone can be carried anywhere anytime as it is foldable so once you are done using it you can fold it. The F88 Dual Camera RC Drone has 18* x 16 x 6.5cm (folded); 33 x 33 x 6.5cm (unfolded) dimensions and weight 493g, The new F88 Dual Camera RC Drone has a beautiful appearance makes the foldable drone more attractive and Looking great. The design is unique and very successful. This makes it easier, more space-saving and safer to transport. Foldable drones are currently very popular, so it is not surprising that more and more folding drones are on the market. The F88 Dual Camera RC Drone has no propeller protection on the propeller arms. Professional aerial imaging benefits from longer flight time, the F88 Dual Camera RC Drone has 3.7V 2000mAh Battery (included) and a maximum flight time of 15-18 min(one battery), allowing more time in the air to capture the perfect shot.


F88 Dual Camera RC Drone has a Dual high-definition camera, helps you create a super attractive picture and video. With the MV creating function, you can add filter and music to create content-rich MV and share it to the social website with one click. Multi-point planning flight function allows the drone autonomously flies according to the preset route, and the player can concentrate on shooting. The high goals 4K camera with 90-degree customizable point can catch a sharp picture of the wonderful landscape has in a brilliant shading arrangement, recording your every extraordinary minute. Direction Flying-With this capacity, you can draw a direction on the screen, and the airplane will fly as indicated by this direction with the present position, which offers extraordinary stimulation for you. It also has the Palm Control Mode-Facing the flying machine focal point, lifting one hand, and moving tenderly when the palm control mode is chosen, the airship will pursue the palm up, down, left, and right.

Simply appreciate such adaptable and intelligent controlling. F88 Dual Camera RC Drone is Programmed Following-In the accompanying me mode, confronting the flying machine focal point and picking an objective, he airplane will pursue your track consequently and catch your development with an astonishing elevated view. The Optical Flow Positioning System-The The innovation of optical stream position causes the automaton to accomplish magnificent execution in the exact area and elevation holding at that point makes the automaton progressively stable in flight and photo.


F88 Dual Camera RC Drone is an intelligent RC quadcopter, equipped with advanced features. The dual 4K high definition camera allows you to take quality aerial footage. With a 2000mAh battery, you will get flight times up to 25 minutes, giving you a more extensive flight experience! You can buy it from TOMTOP in Two Version:


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