FAFREES F20 20 Inch Electric Bike Now Just at $899.99 [Coupon Deal]


When choosing a folding fat bike, you need to pay attention to some aspects that you can find out in the various reviews. In this article we will deal with the Fafrees F20 Model, a very interesting Ebike that has some notable strengths.

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A folding fat bike is a combination of a folding bike and an off-road bike that you can use to travel safely and comfortably anywhere. Particularly noticeable are the significantly wider and fat tires. If you are out and about on unpaved trails or in the woods, you will benefit from sufficient grip and good cushioning thanks to the extra wide tires. A folding Fat Bike features a foldable frame that allows you to store it in a small space. Fatbike ideal for commuters and vacationers who want to be mobile everywhere.

In reference to the Fafrees F20, we can say that thanks to the energy-saving driving style, you can travel quickly and comfortably. Go to work in the morning and return in the afternoon without effort and without sweating. Returning to the subject of the bicycle frame, it is necessary to note that it is foldable in half, which reduces its dimensions from 174 x 60 x 125cm to just 90 x 33 x 69cm, greatly facilitating the process of storing it. Also, the frame is not the only thing that folds, the pedals also do it in their own way.


There is the FAFREES F20 electric mode (range up to 65km), which means that you can drive by pressing the throttle. Then there is the supporting mode (up to 120 km range), where the motor supports you in addition to pedalling. And the mode without any support, i.e. normal cycling.


20″ wheels make the F20 the perfect, efficient and economical means of transport to work, school or around town. Combined with a non-skid, wear-resistant tire and heavy-duty fenders, it can easily negotiate gutters, potholes and all other roads in an urban environment.


The battery is removable, which makes it easy to charge since we won’t have to carry the bike near a plug, but unfortunately there is nothing that can speed up the recharging process, which can take up to 7 or 8 hours to complete. complete, so it is recommended to leave it charging overnight if we have to use it the next day.

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Coupon Code: 6VINGQBV

Buy FAFREES F20 on Geekbuying


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