Famous Poker Jackpot Winners


Poker stands as a classic in the online gaming world, and it needs no introduction in most regions where gambling is a thriving niche. This game is loved for its ability to apply wits and cunning to come out on top, even though luck still plays a role in the generation of results similar to slots like https://funfreeslots.co.uk/best-online-slots/treasures-of-troy-slot-igt/. Over the years, poker games have tabled some of the highest winnings to punters all around the globe. Most of these winnings have been collected in the World Series of Poker while others have been won online. Let’s dive into some of the biggest jackpot wins that have been granted over the years.

Justin Bonomo

Justin Bonomo holds the record as the poker gambler with the most jackpot winnings in a year. The gamer has been a passionate player of the card game over the years, but 2018 proved to be quite special. At the beginning of the year, Justin began his lucky streak at the PCA Super High Roller tournament that was held in the Bahamas. He emerged as the second-highest, which earned him a sweet win of 500 000 dollars. Things would only escalate from there as Bonomo headed on to compete in the Super High Roller Bowl in Macau, which happened in March of 2018. He collected 4 800 000 dollars as the first place winner, and two months later, he claimed 750 000 dollars in EPT championships.

Bonomo’s big wins started out with the Aria Super High Roller Bowl, where a buy-in of three hundred thousand dollars saw him walk away with five million dollars. The most significant win of not only the year but also his entire career happened in the World Series of Poker Big One for One Drop where he completed the tournament of a one million buy-in and won first place. The payout amount was a whopping ten million dollars, which wrapped up the gamer’s poker events for the year. In total, Justin collected 25.4 million dollars in 2018, which drove up his poker career winnings to more than 43 million dollars.

Antonio Esfandiari

Antonio, better known in the poker world as The Magician, was the biggest poker tournament prize winner back in 2012. The WSOP event demanded a buy-in of one million dollars. Esfandiari managed to outsmart forty-eight other contestants that were involved, including some of the most skilled poker players in the world and wealthy businesspeople. In the end, the gambler collected a cool jackpot of 18 300 000 dollars, which earned him profits of about seventeen million dollars. Antonio is among the biggest poker jackpot winner in a single tournament, and the collected prize has not come close to be beaten over the years.

Jamie Gold

Jamie Gold was crowned the champion of the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2012, which gained him an impressive payout of twelve million dollars. The player worked as a talent manager and TV producer with occasional appearances in such tournaments. Jamie cannot be stated as a professional player, but his zeal for gameplay saw him emerge in first place out of eight thousand, seven hundred ad seventy-three others that had registered for the tournament. That year, WSOP had a pooled prize of 82.5 million dollars, 12 million of which was set aside for the winner and was snub by Gold.

Jamie’s win is remembered for not only being one of the most significant but also the high level of entertainment delivered by the talent manager. During gameplay, Jamie was keen on raising chit chat with his opponents in a bid to get information on their moves. Even though this is not an actual strategy, it appears to have worked in the punter’s favour.

Chris Moneymaker

Chris has the smallest win of all the mentions in this list, which amounts to 2.5 million. Even so, his payout was responsible for the massive popularity enjoyed by the World Series of Poker today. The player’s road to success was watched on television when it was aired in 2003 where he went against the champion Sammy Farha and won.

Poker tournaments continue to pay in the millions across the globe with more events rising each year. Some of the big wins collected happen online, but the most significant are paid offline.


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