Features of Homtom HT16 released


Homtom have been working on a device to be released some time in summer, and it has become apparent that the marketing team at Homtom are targeting a younger generation of smartphone users. Not many details have been  released about Homtom’s new offering,called the Homtom HT16.HT16_10 What we do know is that the device will come in cold color shades and the texture of the rear cover will have a smooth texture, and the device will be running the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow as its OS. What we have learned is that by targeting a younger consumer, the Homtom HT16 will feature support gestures, including off screen gestures, that in theory will make the device easier to control and use. HT16_09
We have also learned the device will come with a pretty respectable battery capacity of 3000 mAh and will also feature a special battery saving mode, that will allow up to 20 % less energy drain. The Homtom H16 will also come with a dual sim,that is a pretty common feature these days and that means room for possible memory expansion.HT16_11
Homtom haven’t released very much detail at all, having said that we reckon a lot more detail about the state of specs in the Homtom H16 will be released very soon. We will be on the case, So stay tuned guys.


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