Feel Free in Rain With Jesy J9s IP68 Waterproof 4G LTE Smartphone Review By @COOLICOOL (Coupon Inside)


The protected smartphone Jesy J9s High End is completely protected from any impact on performance and is rightly considered one of the best-protected smartphones in the premium segment. The case of the smartphone is its biggest advantage and it should be noted that the smartphone looks as attractive and really expensive.let’s checks what is inside the Jesy J9S.


The main advantage is the convex corners of the hull, which is very well rubberized and have a good cushioning property. In general, the case is completely protected from bumps and scratches, as well as from getting water under the case. On the back of the smartphone are numerous modules, let’s take a look at more detail. Right in the center – the manufacturer’s logo and the degree of protection – IP68. But, on the official site, we can see the inscription IP69, which speaks to the highest degree of protection from small particles: dust, moisture, metal shavings and all that.

On the back, there is also a camera, flash, fingerprint scanner, and the rear panel is all rubberized. On the upper end, there is an infrared port for controlling household items and other electronics. Also under the plug is a headphone jack. At the bottom, there is a USB port for charging and connecting to the computer, as well as a place for attaching the lace. On the sides are located the volume and lock button on the right and the SOS button with the customizable button on the left. In general, the smartphone looks very impressive, its functionality is also great, and for the average user, there will be more than enough.

The smartphone includes a USB cable, a charging unit, and headphones. The box is very attractive if it matters to you. It is much better than its competitors, glossy and with branded logos. On the front panel, in addition to the huge display, there are touch-sensitive illuminated buttons, a microphone from the bottom, a speaker from above and another speaker – the main one, located directly below the display. It’s very loud, and the sound quality is unexpectedly pleasant. It, naturally, is slightly muffled, because there is a full protection from water. Excellent design and a rather high price device – not the main advantages.


Once we talked about this, the novelty received a 5.5-inch Full-HD-display, built on the basis of IPS-matrix and protected by tempered glass Gorilla Glass. In this case, the screen can be converted to monochrome, which not only saves the battery but also allows you to see the compass in bright sunlight. Even if the IPS is of poor quality, the viewing angles should still be sufficient to travel. Whose display manufacturer uses and what kind of module TTX does not disclose.


Also, no one is disclosed and whose Jesy J9ss processor provided. It is known only that it is 8-core, and it is supplemented by 4 GB of RAM. Most likely this is MediaTek MT6755, but we may be wrong. As for flash memory, it’s 64 GB here. In this case, the ROM can be expanded to 128 GB using memory cards. For the latter, by the way, a silicone plug is provided. By the way, this miracle runs under the 7.0 of Android.


The characteristics of the cameras for a protected smartphone are excellent. The main one received a 16-megapixel sensor with autofocus, aperture f / 2.2 and a protective sapphire crystal. The front is a wide-angle 8-megapixel optical sensor for unpretentious left mans. It is not known just how it is implemented, how many lenses, who the manufacturer, but if you recall the previous model, then the Jesy J9s camera is almost of good quality.


The device supports 4G-networks, from wireless technologies – Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth. In addition, implemented USB Type C, fingerprint sensor, but the latter is likely the prerogative JESY J9S High End. Also in the presence of a magnetic compass, barometer, gyroscope, while it is not known whether the radio function is available, but the set of sensors and options is undoubtedly rich. By the way, there is an IR sensor with a function of controlling household appliances.


The battery with a capacity of 6150 mAh is responsible. Is it worth saying that it is enough for at least two days of work, and if you activate the monochrome mode and deactivate the 4G-module, then wander the mountains without recharging for a week, and the second big advantage of this smartphone is wireless charging.


The main thing is that the water does not get through the speakers to the case, if we take into account the fine grid covering them, which will surely be clogged with dust, then moisture is excluded.Jesy J9s IP68 Waterproof 4G LTE Smartphone Available on a CooliCool at the flash sale price value of $254.99 using this Coupon Code: CICJ9S.these days Smartphone is very important and these types of smartphone is important for running in raining and you want to contact with them so feel free to talk to anywhere with JESY J9S 4G LTE Smartphone.


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