Feiyu G5 3-Axis Handheld Action Camera Gimbal Design, Feature Review (Coupon Inside)


Here we are having a look at the “Splash-proof” Feiyu G5 3-Axis handheld gimbal designed primarily to be the best gimbal for GoPro HERO5, although it is compatible with other GoPro cameras such as the HERO3/3+ and HERO4 versions. As with all Feiyu products including their gimbals, you can be assured that you are going to get, not only a good looking product but something that is really easy to operate as they normally put the user at the forefront of the product design.


The G5 is designed to be foldable. Fit in the included soft pack, the G5 is ready for your easy everyday carry. The overall appearance is neat with sober colors (black and gold border), the finish exudes quality. The aluminum used combines solidity and lightness. With a nice interface, the gimbal grip is made naturally. On the handle is a 4-way joystick that allows you to control the camera’s pointing to the horizontal pan tilt and the vertical tilt” tilt, a button for access to functions and the self-timer button. The use of the latter will automatically return the lens to you and then trigger photos or videos by voice command (for owners of Hero 5). As for the attachment of the GoPro on its nacelle, it is with a system of screws to hand. This proven system guarantees an efficient fixing and reliability over time. Feiyu integrates new brushless motors with its patented technology offering a 360 ° shooting on all 3 axes. All in a remarkable fluidity and without the slightest noise!


This is a gimbal that is splash-proof, just like the GoPro 5 so using it in the light rain should never be an issue. It’s also Feiyu Tech;s most advanced gimbal to date and even has an app that allows you to connect via Bluetooth for auto calibration when needed. It also has a unibody arm and is compatible out of the box with GoPro 3, 4 or 5. No adapters to buy. It also has a replaceable battery, so you can have 2-3 on hand when doing long shoots. You can also use other action cameras by using the adjustable weight to balance many of the other NON-GoPro cameras out there that many shoots with. Brushless motors for strong and smooth performance with better battery performance. This gimbal looks like it will be the one I have been waiting for. When it arrives I will do an involved shoot out against my EVO and the GoPro Karma Grip. Instead of using a gimbal with a 1-2 hour battery life (GoPro Karma) the G5 says it will run for 8 hours! This is awesome, and it seems that the new battery system is pretty powerful. The more I read about the new G5, the more excited I get about it. Install the FY Settings App on your smartphone and connect to the Feiyu Tech G5 stabilizer via Bluetooth. The app allows you to remotely control, calibrate, upgrade the firmware, change settings, and more. The app offers infinite possibilities for making great recordings.


The Feiyu Tech G5 stabilizer is simply the best on the market today. Even if it is particularly interesting to use it with a Hero 5 to take full advantage of all its features it will in no way be a bad choice for a cam action user other than the Hero 5 as long as it is compatible. This Feiyu G5 on TomTop at $229 with $60 Off coupon code: HTY60FYH 


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