Feiyu G5 & Feiyu Vimble C Handheld Stabilized Gimbal now in Flash Sale at @Lightinthebox


Feiyu Tech just launched a new gimbal: Feiyu Vimble C. It targets the same audience as Zhiyun’s latest Smooth Q, which is a similar gimbal for Smartphones and Action Cameras. If you don’t want to limit yourself to an action camera, even a specific type of action camera, this could be the right gimbal for you and Feiyu G5 3-Axis handheld Gimbal is perfectly compatible with GoPro HERO5, HERO4 and action cameras of similar size.Feiyu G5 is built splash-proof all over. It’s revolution.With the waterproof GoPro HERO5, you can enjoy every exciting moment in the rain or by the sea without fear of water ingress and

Feiyu G5 Splash-Proof Handheld Gimbal

The FEIYU G5 Stabilizer has been designed to resist splashing and allow you to immortalize good times spent by the sea or to continue to use your stabilizer in rainy weather. More than an evolution, we are facing a revolution! With a weight of only 271g and a battery life of 8h, the FEIYU G5 follows you wherever you go. Simply fold your stabilizer and store it in its carrying case: you’re ready to go! Thanks to its ingenious interface, the FEIYU G5 allows you to take control of the various functions without difficulty. Orient your gimbal with the four-way joystick, switch from one function to another at the touch of a button and activate the self-timer for ever faster shooting. Taking a selfie has never been easier. With the FEIYU G5, you only have one button to press! Hold down the self-timer button and your stabilizer will rotate your camera and point it toward you. Release the button to let your camera resume its original orientation. Install the FEIYU app and connect your 3-axis stabilizer to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This gives you access to remote control, automatic calibration, firmware upgrade, gimbal configuration and many other features via your smartphone.

Capture stabilized action camera footage while on the move with the G5 Gimbal from Feiyu. The gimbal is compatible with the GoPro HERO6, HERO5 Black, HERO4 Black and Silver, and other action cameras with approximately the same size and form factor as those GoPro models. The gimbal is splash-proof, allowing you to safely use it in the rain, snow, or near splashing. It features a handgrip that doubles as a battery holder and has integrated gimbal and camera controls. The removable battery lasts up to 8 hours. Right now you can buy FEIYU G5 Stabilizer from Lightinthebox at $259.99 in Flash sale for the limiited time.

Feiyu Vimble C Handheld Anti-shaking Stabilized Gimbal

The Feiyu Vimble c, in white, is a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for smartphones and — via optional EVA foam pads — action cameras. It allows you to capture smooth video when you’re in motion, like when following a subject up to the street or up the stairs, or when speaking into the camera while walking. It also offers sophisticated functions such as Face Tracking, which quickly locks in on a face and automatically follows it when the person moves around. The gimbal features precision brushless motors and Feiyu’s G-series algorithm that together constantly find the balance your phone/camera needs as you move around. The three axes — pan, tilt, and roll — each rotate up to 320°, providing you with near full-circle travel in all directions. A flat joystick on the front allows you to adjust the three axes, and a thumbwheel on the rear that’s accessible with your index finger lets you switch the camera adapter between landscape and portrait modes.

The gimbal also comes with the Feiyu app for iOS and Android (free download), which it connects to over built-in Bluetooth. The app is a major component of the Vimble c, as it provides additional functionality. When you use the gimbal with the app, the power button under the joystick also works as a shutter release. A short press takes a photo, and a long press begins video recording. Similarly, the thumbwheel on the back can be used to adjust focus, exposure, and other parameters via the app. The app is also where the Face Tracking function and other functions are accessible. The other functions include Dynamic Time-Lapse, Smart Portrait Mode, and Dynamic Panorama, which lets you take seamless, super-wide panoramic images. The Vimble c has a built-in battery that runs for approximately 5 hours. A USB charging port is positioned on the side of the gimbal, and a USB charging cable is included. The gimbal also has a 1/4″-20 screw-hole on the bottom for mounting on tripods, monopods, and other support gear. The Face Tracking feature can be used very successfully when the gimbal is mounted on a tripod. Right now you can buy Feiyu Vimble C Handheld Anti-shaking Stabilized Gimbal from Lightinthebox at $259.99 in Flash sale for the limited time.

A great-value and easy-to-use gimbal that makes your action camera & Smartphone footage look far more professional with Feiyu G5 Splash-Proof Handheld Gimbal and Feiyu Vimble C Handheld Anti-shaking Stabilized Gimbal.


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