Feiyu Vimble 2A Review – Action Camera Handheld Gimbal For Just $84 at TOMTOP (Coupon)


The Feiyu Vimble 2A provides motorized pan, tilt, and roll motion control for the GoPro HERO7/6/5, and it’s also capable of telescoping out an additional 7.2″. The extra length lets you capture selfie videos as well as shoot from various creative angles.

Buy Feiyu Vimble 2A Action Camera Handheld Gimbal from TOMTOP


A built-in battery provides up to 10 hours of runtime and is rechargeable via an included USB cable. A desktop tripod is included for setting the gimbal down between shoots. It attaches to a 1/4″-20 threaded hole on the bottom of the gimbal. This mini tripod can also be used as an extension handle attached to the bottom. The gimbal and all its accessories can be stored in an included carry bag.

The Vimble 2A comes with a mounting clip that supports the HERO7/6/5 (all three versions of the HERO7 are supported). The gimbal also allows direct control of these cameras from the gimbal buttons by syncing the two to the companion Feiyu ON iOS/Android app. Additionally, optional Feiyu adapters can be used to attach the Osmo Action, YI, SJCAM, and Feiyu Ricca action cameras. All of these will also be supported for camera control except the Osmo Action, which you will only be able to stabilize. Camera control includes functions such as record start/stop and time-lapse capture.


The gimbal features expansive pan and tilts rotation of 330-degree and roll axis rotation of 195-degree In All Follow mode, all three axes can be set to follow the movements of your hand within these ranges, for POV capture. The Vimble 2A also allows you to switch the camera to portrait orientation by simply slanting the gimbal itself left or right. When this is done with Portrait mode selected, the camera will not move to compensate for the slant, and it will end up in a portrait position for portrait photography, selfie videos, and other applications.


The Vimble 2A is a 3-axis gimbal specifically designed for action cameras. It features an 18cm extension rod, with enhanced control of shooting/recording/time-lapse, supports switching between landscape mode and portrait mode, and WiFi + Bluetooth connection. The Vimble 2A is definitely the best option for action camera users. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $84 by using Coupon Code: HYFVA2A.

Buy Feiyu Vimble 2A Action Camera Handheld Gimbal from TOMTOP


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