FeiyuTech G360 Panoramic Camera Gimbal Design, Features Review (Coupon Included)


360 videos need to have a level horizon so they can be viewed comfortably. Besides using a tripod for static shots, there are several ways to stabilize a 360 video, such as software. One effective way to stabilize your 360 video is with a gimbal. Conventional gimbals have motors that block a 360 camera’s view, hence the need for a gimbal specifically for 360 cameras. FeiyuTech G360 For digital cameras and mobile Turn your device into a professional camcorder. With a 3-axis free-rotating motor, the camera stays steady in line with the horizon. Or set it in the other direction as needed. Controlling the camera does not flicker to the hand held. Or other objects Moving Image Stabilization Make still and always straight. In Pan and Tilt modes, the motor can control the speed of the camera in the left-right pan. Or bow-perk To follow the right rhythm. Makes a smooth animation. Compatible with Samsung gear 360 / Kodak pixpro sp360 / Kodak pixpro sp360 4k / Sony FDR-X3000 etc.


FeiyuTech G360 Panoramic Camera gimbal is made out of Twin-body design with the evolving G series algorithm. G360 pioneers the twin-body deisgn and on-top Camera platform to fit for various Cameras. Powerd By the evolving G series algorithm. The G360 Perfectly stabilizes all camerassecured on its top in a diversity of scenarios.  One 1/4-inch screw port at the bottom brings G360 unlimited expansion capacity. The photography efficiency is remarkably improved. The G360 offers up to 6 hours’ runtime with one 22650 li-ion battery. You can use it for a one-day task without charging or changing batteries. Through its Micro-USB port, the G360 can charge its battery directly through external power sources including a power bank.


The G360 has a vertical counterweight system with multiple precise counterweights. Panorama cameras and action cameras can be easily balanced on the G360. Using modular replacement fixtures, the G360 can support digital cameras and phones in addition to sports cameras and panorama cameras. It’s all camera gimbals in one. Dynamic panorama within one touch, the panoramic image is smooth, stable and perfectly coherent. The Feiyu ON app further strengthens the G360 by enabling remote control. The brand new Feiyu ON app on both for iOS and for Android devices is ready to remote control, adjust parameters and upgrade firmware for the G360. Can adjust a remote camera’s panning angles and switch between modes. The Panorama Mode features rotation timer for easy time-lapse videos. The G360 utilizes precise brushless motors to drive accurate attitude control in panning, tilting and rolling. The advanced attitude sensory technology aids ensuring steady and smooth panoramic video. Drop-proof fast-dismantle plate with precise balance scale. The G360 has an enhanced user interface for panorama filming. The joystick can subtly adjust panning angles. A single function button allows you to switch between modes and for power operations. The dedicated panorama button has the gimbal rotate horizontally with just one press.


The FeiyuTech G360’s “twin body” design places the handle alongside the gimbal and puts the counterweights directly below the camera.  This has a few advantages. First, the counterweight should be nearly invisible to the 360 camera.  As for the handle, if it is close to vertical, then it should be within the stitch line of the camera and should also likewise be nearly invisible while vertical. You can buy From camfere at $300.14 using Our Coupon Code: FEIYUG360 and get 14% Discount


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