FeiyuTech G6: a 3-Axis Splash-Proof Action Camera Gimbal Stabilizer For Just $159.99 at TOMTOP in 11.11 with Duty Free Shipping


Feiyutech G6 is the sequel to the G5 Gimbal! The G6 is also water resistant, which allows you to shoot in the rain and storms. In addition to the features that have been good on previous models, it has been decided to make some improvements where the biggest difference is that it is of model n “slant”. It means that you have chosen to angle the horizontal axis by 35 ° so that you can see the screen on its GoPro camera.

The second is that the device now can both connect to the camera via wifi and your smartphone via Bluetooth at one and the same time. Thanks for this, you can check the camera’s settings and modes directly on the gimbal and at the same time choose which mode the gimbal should be using with your smartphone.

With the G6 you can connect both the GoPro camera and smartphone simultaneously via Bluetooth and wifi. This means that with a connected GoPro Hero 6, GoPro Hero 5, Sony RX0 or similar camera, you can control the camera’s features via wifi while creating motion timelapse or just adjusting the power of the engines via the Feiyu ON app (available for both Android and iOS) over Bluetooth in his smartphone.

TOMTOP’s 11.11 Sale

stereo and the connected camera. Some examples of these are the different modes of the gimbal, battery life, Bluetooth connection, wifi etc. In addition to the built-in display, the stabilization has 5 function keys and a joystick for making menu choices and changing settings. The stabilization also has two micro-USB jacks that can be used to charge the stereo signal or to charge the connected camera.

G6 is the first gimbal of “slant” variant. You have angled the horizontal axis by 35 ° so you can see the screen of the connected camera. This means that you no longer have to take a chance on what you get in the picture and not what has turned out to be popular with other gimbals like the Feiyutech A1000 and other similar models.

When charging the camera while the boom is active, the splash guard is affected because the rubber cover is not connected. With new algorithms and stronger engines, the G6 is capable of higher speeds and more power than previous models. This results in a stable material with fewer chinks where the horizon stays more even at higher stress…

Feiyutech G6 Gimbal has two 1/4 “standard threads for attachment attachments. One is located on the handle side and the other is under the boom. This allows you to mount a holder for the phone, a small stand, a lighting, microphone or other similar accessories such as raises the production value. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $159.99 with Duty-Free Shipping in 11.11Sale Promo.


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