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Fengmi is a reputable laser projector manufacturer under the parent company Xiaomi. Today, we will focus on the Fengmi 4K Cinema Pro Laser Projector, which has come with a host of top-of-the-line specifications in details.

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The Fengmi 4K laser projector is more square and square. The sharp edges and corners make it look very solid. Mineral chalk color, resistant to dirt and easy to maintain. At the same time, it gave the laser television a kind of stable metal. In the overall design, laser TV moves a bit carefully. The chassis is tightened a little more than the top housing. Placed on the TV stand, it gives the illusion of suspension. The front of the laser TV is a network of speakers embellished with a gold Fengmi logo. I carefully peered through the opening in the speaker network. There are four speakers on it that use a combination of dual and dual frequencies.

In addition to the height adjustment, there is also a USB2.0 interface on the right side. The side USB interface is very convenient for later access to various temporary mobile devices. You don’t have to lie behind the Xiaomi fengmi 4k laser projector every time you unplug it.

The top part is the lens of the 4k fengmi laser projector. The left and right sides of the lens are infrared sensor windows. When the laser TV detects someone approaching, it will actively lower the brightness of the light source to prevent eye damage. For families with children at home, this eye protection feature is very intimate.

Display With Distance

The Xiaomi Fengmi 4K Laser Projector uses ultra short focus, with a 0233: 1 large ultra short focus lens that requires only 23cm of wall distance to run on a gigantic 100 inch screen. The advantages of the ultra-short approach are numerous. You can easily make 150 inches without lifting, wiring, and space. Of course, it can be larger, but the size is too large and the image quality will deteriorate significantly. I tried to display this before. 80, 90, 100, 120 inches. After the comparison, I feel that 100 inches in my family is the most appropriate.


The Fengmi 4K Laser Projector is equipped with Amlogic’s latest quad-core T972 processor with a frequency of up to 1.9GHz. In addition, 3 gigabytes of LPDDR4 RAM allow the device to play any content without distortion, delays and picture blurring. Experience great viewing experience.

2400 Lumens

The brightness of the fengmi 4k laser projector single image 2400 lumens, which makes me have a very good impression on the Fengmi. Everyone knows that many projections have changed the brightness of the virtual standard. Some high lumens of products like the XGI are basically the same. In fact, Fengmi can fully increase the brightness standard in other ways, but Fengmi rejects the bad standard and shows the brightness strictly. I have to learn from other projection brands. The following is the projection effect of the curtain in the living room around 1 12 during the day The screen display effect is still very good. Curtains can also be seen normally during the day. Not dead anymore. You can really call it TV now.

Eye Protection

In addition, this device also has an eye protection function. The eye protection sensor on a laser TV is very sensitive. When the sensor detects that someone is approaching, it will automatically reduce the brightness to avoid glare.

Other Features

Original 3000: 1 contrast ratio With HDR10 for great movies and games, details are richer in the dark; The service life of this laser light source has reached 25,000 hours. Currently, it is impossible to popularize 8K in three or five years. If you don’t want to run 8K, this Fengmi 4K laser TV can be used as a legacy and the TV’s internal speakers support DTS technology. The sound quality is also very strong and there is basically no other cost in use afterwards. If you build a family of 4K widescreen audio and video cinema.

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