FENGMI X1 Laser 4K Mini Projector For Just $889.99 [Coupon Deal]


The FENGMI X1 Laser Mini Projector is very small and cost-effective at the same price. The projector effect is particularly good. The living room with good sunlight during the day has a clear picture, runs very fast, and is very portable.

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In terms of appearance, the Fengmi X1 laser projector adopts a CNC metal body with a simple style. The volume is 219x117x25mm. The thickness of the body is only 25mm. It is very thin and light. It is not difficult to hold with one hand. In this way, the craftsmanship makes the product itself more artistic and elite. The simple oblique stripe shape on the side and the large-scale hollow design give people a strong sense of technology and are also conducive to heat dissipation. The overall design of the product feels like a delicate line of technology and cold style. No matter what the decoration style of the home is, it is well integrated into it.

The rear side of the Fengmi X1 laser projector is also rich in interfaces, including Type-C charging interface, 3.5mm headphone interface, USB interface, and HDMI interface. We can connect external storage devices, notebooks, PCs and other peripherals. Connect with a data cable to project the content on a larger screen and see it more clearly. What’s more worth mentioning is that the Fengmi X1 laser projector also has a built-in 30Wh lithium battery, which is convenient for us to use it independently in scenes such as movie watching, office, study, camping, and games without power supply.


Finally, the Fengmi X1 laser projector is equipped with Amlogic T972 chip and has 16G high-speed flash memory. The menu settings of the remote control are also more concise and logical. Skilled use of the “launchpad” button on the upper left can quickly switch to commonly used functions interface.

ALPD Laser Display Technology

The light source is a very critical component of the projector. At present, the home smart projector mainly uses the LED light source, and the Fengmi X1 laser projector is the homologous ALPD laser display technology widely used in the laser projection hall of the cinema. This is based on laser excitation fluorescence. Rare earth materials have obtained the technology of hybrid multi-color laser display, which has the advantages of small size, light weight, high brightness and energy efficiency unmatched by other display technologies. Fengmi took the lead in applying ALPD laser technology to reduce the dimension of household smart projectors.

Feng OS

With high appearance, the experience must also be of high specifications. It is officially claimed that the Fengmi X1 laser projector benefits from the operation of the Feng OS intelligent algorithm system, which brings technologies such as omnidirectional automatic keystone correction, sensorless focusing, automatic screen obstacle avoidance, and automatic screen alignment. What is the effect? Let’s take a look together.

1400 ANSI lumens

The Fengmi X1 laser projector reaches 1400 ANSI lumens, and the picture is bright and clear, which can be intuitively felt with the naked eye. For example, in this picture, the separation between the subject and the background is very clean, the red wallpaper behind is also very bright, the outline of the word “merit” is very clear, and the white balance of the colorful medal has no color cast or distortion.


Of course, the Fengmi X1 laser projector uses customized 2x2W speakers, and more than 400 domestic theaters use the virtual sound field technology of China Atmos WANOS, so the details and separation of treble and bass can be heard, making the audio and video experience more enjoyable. Immerse.


If you are bored or have no time to sit in front of the TV often, maybe you can consider the Fengmi X1 laser projector. With its small and thin body, it can provide the same for your different needs in different places and different room scenes. Professional enjoyment of service. After using the Fengmi X1 laser projector during this period of time, its portability, image clarity, battery life, and sound quality performance can all make me look forward to this product, if I have to talk about the shortcomings, that is, the price of laser projectors is generally relatively high at present.

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