Fiido D2S – Unboxing and detailed review – How to move around easily and ecologically with coupon from Geekbuying!


I recently was lucky enough to be sent from Geekbuying the Fiido D2S, an electric folding bike, thanks and to the help of I know that now it might not be the perfect weather to move around with an electric bike, but you can get it now and move the good days and later during spring, which is not away. I will also show you that anyone can use it, since I’m at the edge of the limits of the bike!

The Fiido D2s came to me with UPS from the Poland warehouse of Geekbuying. As they say, they have the ability ot send it to UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Greece, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Monaco, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Croatia, Ireland, Hungary! The package as you will see is really big….

As you will see and in the video review further down, you will need space only to open it and get it ready! The bike weights about 19.5kg and it’s dimensions are 135.00 x 40.00 x 110.00cm. As for the box, it weights 24.2kg and it’s dimensions are 80.00 x 43.00 x 60.00cm! Inside the package you can fid the Fiido D2S folding bike of course, a manula in english, a multiusage gadget like screwdriver and the power adaptor for charging the battery of the bike. Unboxing and setting up is easy and as you can see and in the video is done in a few minutes…

The Fiido D2S is made out of Aluminum alloy + rubber. The input voltage is 100V – 240V. The company says that it can hold a person up to 120 Kg, but….I’m 120KG and 190 cm tall and I was moving around with the bike easily and really fast! At the lower power of the motor, could get 21km/h, which is a very good speed, at a straight line, not climbing. The max speed that can reach is said for 25 km/h, but if you are light, for sure can get 35-40km/h! You can check my video for all these!

The maximum grade that can reach is 30°. Using only the battery you can move for about 20 – 30km, but if you use and some of your power, the electric power life becomes 40 – 50km. The battery that the Fiido D2s has is with 36v 7.8Ah capacity and a rated power of 280.8Wh. You will need about 5 hours to fully charge the battery.

The power of the moter is 250W and comes with high speed brushless gear motor. The transmissin is a Shimano 6-speed shift, one of the best and well known. The bike is equipped with double disk brakes, which believe me, work really very good! Be carefull, as inertion in most times is not in your side, so could fall down! The tires are 16″. The bike has suspensions for not feeling the bumps and two mud flaps at the front and at the back, which can protect you and keep you clean! You can adjust the hieght of the seddle and the whell.

The only minus that I found where the not digital look of the transmision and I would really like to have a gadget showing me the real speed of the bike, as I had to use an app at my mobile to check it. But for sure, the mud flaps, the suspensions for not understanding the holes, the double disk brakes is a very big plus, which you don’t easily find and at this price! The bike easily get in a medium car with small baggage space, like my Seat Ibiza Stylance.

Check and my detailed video review…

So, if you want to move easily around in the city, ecologically, and cheap, get a folding electric bike. For sure the Fiido D2S from the EU warehouse of Geekbuying, is the best choice for me. But I managed to get extra coupons for all versions of Fiido, so everyone can choose what they like:

FIIDO D1 14 Inch 7.8Ah – SP: $468.99 coupon code: GKB248S 

FIIDO D1 14 Inch 10.4Ah – SP: $479.99 Coupon code: GKB249S

FIIDO D2 16 Inch 7.8Ah – SP: $499.99 Coupon code: GKB250S 

FIIDO D2S Gear shifting Version 7.8Ah Dark Gray – SP: $548.99  Coupon code: GKB251S 

FIIDO D3 14 Inch 7.8Ah – SP: $465.99 Coupon code: GKB269S  

FIIDO D3S 16″ Gear shifting Version 7.8Ah – SP: $524.99 Coupon code: GKB285S 

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Update on June 15, 2020

Update time Warehouse Product Name Link on Coupon Deal Prices($) Deal Prices(€)
EU Stock FIIDO D1 14 Inch 10.4Ah GKB8TH11 $464.99 €413.50
EU Stock FIIDO D2S Gear shifting Version 7.8Ah Dark Gray GKB8TH11 $574.99 €511.20
EU Stock FIIDO D3 14 Inch 7.8Ah GKB8TH11 $474.99 €422.30


6-3 EU Stock FIIDO D3S 16″ Gear shifting Version 7.8Ah GKB285S $549.99 €494.99


Update on Aug.11, 2020

Warehouse Product Name Link on Coupon Deal Prices($)
EU Stock FIIDO D2S Gear shifting Version 7.8Ah Dark Gray GKB251S $619.99

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