FIIL Canviis Pro TWS Headset Offered at $90.72 [11.11 Sale]


At a time when music is becoming more and more electronic and undergoing many technological changes, headphones have every interest in adapting to this modernization of the fourth art. That’s what the Fiil Canviis Pro headphones claim to do to set themselves apart from the competition. On paper, these over-ear headphones have everything to please and dethrone the biggest brands.

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The Fiil Canviis Pro model is mostly made of plastic and therefore does not weigh much, namely just over 200 gram. The inner hoop is made of aluminum. This is an advantage because you can twist it in all directions without taking the risk of breaking it. Thus, the slightest shock will not have much impact on the product. Also, another significant advantage, the ear cups are mobile and rotate on their own.

The Canviis Pro immediate comfort and optimal adaptation to your anatomy despite the fact that you have a supra-auricular headset placed on your ears. For those with big ears. In addition, the foam is covered with real supple and soft leather, which gives the product a rather chic character. For those who are not fans of over -ear headphones , we are not going to lie to each other, that is understandable.

Sound Quality

Let’s move on to sound quality. Concretely, we are faced with a hyper high-tech audio headset. With all the specificities of which it abounds, one says to oneself that the quality cannot be as good as that of a Bose helmet, for example. Well think again, the sound quality is there.

Sound effects and special features aside, we like the way the Canviis Pro sounds. It has a warm, bass-boosted sound that’s cleaner than the Beats Solo3 but not as articulate as other more balanced headphones we’ve tried. No surprise that these are aimed at popular music and less at rock, which comes through the Canviis Pro a bit too dull for our taste.


Then, for performance, the helmet is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 technology, which, we admit, is already now followed by 5.0. What we appreciate is that we can connect several devices in memory on the helmet. For example, if you want to use it either with your phone or with your tablet, you won’t need to “unpair” one to use the other. You can connect both at the same time, it’s priceless. The brand has also added a jack in case the headphones run out of battery.


The Fiil said 30 hours of autonomy. As you can imagine, we weren’t able to test the veracity of this statement because staying 30 hours with the helmet on is a bit impossible unless you are insomniac and associable. But according to reviews, you can expect several hours a day (up to 5 hours sometimes) and after a week it was still at 40% battery. So we can say that the battery life is reasonable and even good.

Where To Buy

FIIL Canviis Pro TWS Headset is now available on AliExpress at Just $90.72 on 11.11 sale for limited time. Sale will be end till 12.11 11:59Pm. Click the button for order now:

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