Tronsmart Space S1 Ear Headset Now For Just $14.99 [1 Day Sale]


Tronsmart Space S1 Ear Headset with an integrated microphone. The Space S1 is suitable for everyday listening to music and talking on the phone. Headphones work without recharging up to 10 hours, due to the new energy-saving version of Bluetooth 4.1. Recharging the device takes up to 2 hours.

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The Tronsmart Space S1 have a comfortable and light design with only 31 grams of weight. Open-ear Bluetooth headphones wrap around your head and sit just behind your ears, providing a closer experience that won’t slip during long runs or workouts. With high fidelity sound and microphone. The open-ear wireless headphones offer premium sound quality for all music genres, with dynamic range and deep bass, as well as a built-in microphone for hands-free calls.


In terms of sound, we have a crystal clear sound, where you have Dual Equalization Modes to adapt the sound to your style and you also have Dual Audio Mode. Of course, these headphones are ready to make high quality calls with a built-in microphone and hum filtering technology.

The Tronsmart SpaceS1 offers quality sound with various sound modes, has quick controls to manage playback without having to look at the device and is linked using bluetooth 5.3 technology, so the connection is stable in a range of up to 10 meters. Finally, it should be noted its 250mAh battery that is recharged via USB offers a range of up to 16 hours.

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Where To Buy

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Buy Tronsmart Space S1 on Geekbuying


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