FiiO K3 Headphone Amplifier Selling at Lowest Price $104.72


Recently, FiiO has launched a new pocket-type DAC ear expansion FiiO K3 Headphone Amplifier, although the size is pocket-sized, but the 2.5mm balanced ear expansion output, gain, bass enhancement, and DSD playback functions can be supported, and it is also equipped with the latest USB Type-C terminal. the functional specifications are quite attractive.

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The aluminum-housed device, which fits in a trouser pocket, is ideal for those who spend a lot of time in front of a laptop/computer and use to make their working time more efficient by listening to music. Current consumer price approx. HUF 40,000, for which we get not only practical connectors (many will also be happy with the 2.5 mm Jack headphone output), but also a quality chip set. The professional-grade TI OPA1612 operational amplifier and the AKM AK4452 DAC chip play a significant role in creating clear sound.


The construction and use of materials are the same as for any FiiO product. The small and light, black aluminum device housing can be easily pulled away by the cables connected to it. The manufacturer also noticed this, so it included anti-slip washers. The potentiometer integrated with the voltage switch seemed too flat. However, thanks to the 45-degree grooves on the side, we were able to rotate it quite easily. The backlight behind the dial indicates different colors, depending on whether you are listening to a PCM or DSD signal stream.

Sound Quality

FiiO K3 to deliver the highest achievable sound quality. This headphone amplifier can handle almost all modern music formats up to native DSD256 and 32bit/384kHz PCM. FiiO uses a high-quality DAC chip from ESS for this. To get the sound quality of this headphone amplifier at the highest possible level, FiiO only uses ultra-low-noise op amps with a very low distortion value. Subsequently, this FiiO New K3 has an ultra-stable output stage that allows it to handle the most critical headphones but is also suitable as a stereo line output.


The FiiO K3 is therefore a so-called can receive digital signals from the computer as data via an external sound card, Type-C USB cable, and then process and convert them into analog. It is not only suitable for driving earphones and headphones, it has digital coaxial and optical, or also with line-level analog outputs. The latter also has a controllable signal, so e.g. can also be connected to a pair of active speakers as a preamplifier. All of this can be a serious advantage for those who plan to add a speaker-based sound system around the desk to their office headphone arsenal in the future.


If you’re looking for a high-quality headphone amplifier DAC that can handle the highest resolutions, the most modern file formats and with a wide variety of headphones, then the FiiO New K3 is the headphone amplifier DAC you should definitely check out. If you would like to use the DAC as a quality DAC between your PC and hi-fi set, then this FiiO New K3 is a real must-have.

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Where To Buy

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Buy FiiO K3 at $104.72 on AliExpress


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