FiiO Q5s DAC Amplifier Now Just $465.49 [Summer Sale]


The FiiO Q5s Amplifier is a flagship-level multi-function DAC&AMP that has been upgraded from the original Q5. The new Q5s retain the look of the original Q5, with a powerful digital audio core and a professional analog audio architecture. Using USB, Bluetooth, SPDIF, LINE IN, etc. with computers, mobile phones, players and other devices to achieve extended functions and improve sound quality.

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The FiiO Q5s Bluetooth and DSD-capable DAC & Amplifier measures 123x 6 x 64 x 16.1 mm and thus weighs 198G. When it comes to controls, the rotary wheel on the side stands out, there are selector switches on the top and more buttons on the sides, as well as status LEDs, so that you are always informed about the operating status and have direct access to all functions.

At a glance, on the FiiO Q5s Type-C 2020 there are not many changes compared to its brother. Overall, the whole body is still made of high-quality aluminum, which is CNC trimmed by automatic machines with extreme precision to every perfect detail. The back of the FiiO Q5s Type-C 2020 is the place to contact many different surfaces, so this back is also designed with the most meticulous attention and is made of high quality PU leather.


As for the wireless connection, there is no need to introduce anything more because it has used the latest and top Receiver chip of Qualcomm to provide the ability to decode audio signals up to 24bit CSR8675 . It can be said that FiiO Q5s Type-C 2020 will become a Bluetooth Receiver with premium quality as well as the best sound quality in modern times thanks to support for most current Hi-res Bluetooth Codec formats like aptX , aptX HD, aptX LL, LDAC, HWA, AAC.


The FiiO Q5s Type-C is still compatible with its Amp Modules that have been released before, and on the FiiO Q5s Type-C is equipped with the latest amp module, AM3D . and on this amp module AM3D are equipped with headphone jacks, respectively, 4.4mm and 3.5mm ports, which are easy to coordinate with all user devices.

Sound Quality

The Fiio Q5s supports gain adjustment to suit the headphones in use, and a Bass Boost switch adds bass. which users can choose to adjust as they like The output power of the Q5s will depend on the amp module you choose. The AM3E model that comes with it has a high power output. Can be used with headphones that are difficult to drive comfortably.


It is also included in FiiO ‘s latest USB chip XUF 208 of XMOS, which delivers extremely high signal decoding up to 768kHz PCM and DSD512. And FiiO Q5s Type-C 2020 easily adjusts the USB connection mode with two USB 1.0 and 2.0 standards and in which USB 1.0 uses Pug and Play without having to install anything. For that use, the Fiio Q5s supports a wide range of connections. It can be said that everything from Line In for use as a amp only or digital input with USB, Optical, Coaxial. Compatible with smartphones, computers, or TVs with optical out and What’s special is that the device also supports wireless connectivity via Bluetooth 5.0, which can be used without wires.


The new FiiO Q5s Bluetooth and DSD-capable DAC & Amplifier is equipped with a 3,800 mAh lithium-polymer battery, which is said to offer a playing time of up to nine hours when connected to a device via USB. A playing time of nine hours should also be achieved with Bluetooth, if you connect source devices via S/PDIF, you can even achieve ten hours. If you exclude the complete digital section by using the analog input alone, over 25 hours are achieved.


All the functionality and remarkable specifications of the FiiO Q5 Bluetooth DSD DAC & Amplifier are due to the company FiiO Electronics Technology Co Ltd. probably not enough, because now the new FiiO Q5s Bluetooth and DSD-capable DAC & Amplifier is presented as the designated successor, which now takes over the position of the designated flagship.

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