Fiitii HifiAir by Mifo: We review for under 50$ the ANC TWS wireless earphone that you must choose (video included)


I have reviewed many earphobnes over the years, most of them looking alike or having the same features or abilities. So, when I saw the Fiitii HifiAir by Mifo, I though that I will have and hear the same thing as usual….but I was wrong, I was very wrong! The Fiitii HifiAir by Mifo are a pair of wireless earphones, ideal for gamers, with features like ANC and TWS and at a price below 50$ (49.00$ to exact)! But let us see why I say all these things.

The wireless earphones Fiitii HifiAir by Mifo came to me by post, without any problem with customs. A nice black box, with an image of the earphones can be found on the top side of the box, when on the back, you can read some specifications of the earphones. At the side you can see if the earphones that you get are with dynamic or hybrid driver.

Opening the package, inside you will find the charging case at black, with the earphones inside, a manual and some tips to change the one that the earphone have, depending on how big your ears are.

Removing the earphones from the charging case, set them ready to connect to your mobile and they do it very easily and fast. The earbuds are small, compact and when you wear them, you cannot distinct them from the ears. The charging case, when you charge them or place them inside, shows with leds the percentage of battery that they have. The earphones are with a glossy black color, when the charging case is of mat black. If you chack the image above you see a triangle pointing down…I guess the 3 LEDs of the battery. The charging case charges through USB-C.

The earbuds are with a 3.7V, 40mAh battery and the charging case have 580mAh battery. The battery can charge up to 5 times the earbuds and can play continuously max 6 hours. The feature ANC mode, which can work as strong ANC and mild ANC aned one more feature which is called Transparency. So with Enhanced ANC, the battery last for 4 Hours, with Moderate ANC will last 6 Hours and at Transparency mode will last 5 Hours. The earphobnes connect with your mobile with Bluetooth Specification Version 5.2, at a frequency response of 20 Hz – 20,0000 Hz. As I told you the earphones are either with Balanced Armature or Dynamic. The one I have are with Dynamic as you can see at the image. The earphones are socially waterproof with IPX7 and a effective range at  20m.

Using the earphones, the quality of the sound is very good. But if you tap 5 times you will activate the low-latency mode. By this way you will have a flawless synchronization between what you hear and the action on your screen off your mobile.

Tapping the earbuds you can control how you listen the music or answer calls. Check and the detailed video that I have made for you. Don’t forget to register at our YouTube Channel, share and comment if you like.

If you like the earphones that I showed you, the wireless earphones Fiitii HifiAir by Mifo can be found at the store of the site for only 49.99$ the dynamic version and 59.99$ the Hybrid version.

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