Find in Flash Sales the KKMOON Car Dash DVR – A necessary gadget for your car!


The KKMOON Car Dash DVR is an important gadget for your car, easy to install on your windscreen.


The KKMOON Car Dash DVR is equipped with a 3.0 inch screen on the back of the camera, when you can see what you are shooting at with your 12MP sensor. It has 170 degrees ultra wide lens view angle for better capture. The video that is captured is saved as AVI in M-JPEG format. The output format can be either in PAL or NTSC format. You can have seamless video or you can activate the automatic recording, to start recording when needed. The camera has built in G-Sensor with microphone and IR LED for night vision. The Car dash DVR is equipped with memory card slot to place inside your TF memory card. The Car Dash DVR weights only 227g, so is very easy to hook it on the front windshield of the car with the suction that has.


The KKMOON Car Dash DVR as we have said features a full HD 3.0″ high definition LCD screen on the back of the camera to see what you are shooting at. Through the menu you can easily select recording or photo mode to choose. With the built-in G-Sensor that has, it can detect easily various sudden movements and automatically lock the video file that makes this moment, so to keep it and not loose it if you need it. You can set the camera to record over and over, over the old file so you never run out of space. You can print in the video time, date and with the IR night vision function can have very good shots in the dark.


The KKMOON Car Dash DVR comes with a 3.7V/200mAh battery in case you want to use the dash camera as a normal camera or if you cannot connect it to the car charger. Needs 5V/1A power to operate.

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Now days having the KKMOON Car Dash DVR, is many times needed, as it can record situations on the road that you might want to have them in digital form. Also it can be used and as a normal camera. You can find the camera at TomTop, at flash sales and for only $12.75, so hurry up!


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