Finow Q3 – A 3G Smartwatch Phone (Coupon included)


Finow Q3 is the latest creation of the company. A beautiful round clock, with a classical look, that supports sim and many many features.

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Finow Q3 is a round smartwatch, designed to look like a classic watch. On the right side of the watch there is even a crown like in the real thing, but which has no function in the traditional sense. There is only a push button to turn on the watch. The watch is made of metal and is kept shiny silver. You can also find it in a black version. The back is in plastic instead of metal. Unfortunately, the Finow Q3 acts not quite as high as the X5. One advantage is that the clock is significantly lighter, but on the other hand is a little thicker. The bracelet is with the usual leather and comes in crocodile leather look. If you want you can change it  to the bracelet again, if you want. The speaker hole, the contacts for the charging dock and the heart rate monitor are as usual from below the watch. The plastic cover can be removed after the removal of four screws and then we can see directly the motherboard of the Finow Q3. Here is the Nano SIM slot. Finow Q3 doesn’t have Micro SD Slot. Also Finow Q3 is not waterproof and not splashproof! Alright some light rain probably wont cause any problem

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The display of the Finow Q3 is absolutely identical with that of the X5. This means we have here a 1.4AMOLED display, with 400 x 400 resolution. The display offers a very nice view, bright colors and thanks to the perfect black, a super contrast. You can easily read under the sunlight. The display glass is very thick, strength and scratch resistance. What sort of glass it is exactly, unfortunately we do not know. The touch screen does not support multi-touch, but is otherwise pretty good. One can surprisingly well write on the small on-screen keyboard. With water drops on the glass the touch panel has problems.

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Hardware & Performance

At this point, we can be brief, because in the Finow Q3 puts exactly the same hardware as in the Finow X5. The mainboard is even identical. It is the same watch with a slightly changed design and fewer buttons. Inside lies a dual-core 1GHz processor Mediatek (MT6572) along with 512MB RAM and 4GB data storage. The memory is unfortunately completely inadequate. If you install Facebook, Google Maps, the FB Messenger, the Opera browser and an email client, then you will run out of space! The performance is in many apps also quite bad. Only the Watch-own apps and the system run entirely smoothly.

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Finow Q3 runs a highly customized Android 4.4.2. It is exactly the same firmware as on Finow X5 including all bugs and exclusive of the functions of the two buttons which are absent in the Finow Q3.



Finow Q3 can be equipped with a sim. The signal with the sim is good. The wireless reception is surprisingly good and limps a smartphone can hardly keep up. We measured a throughput of 38,76Mbps both upstream and downstream 11,83Mbps in WLAN. The GPS reception of the Finow Q3 is insufficient.


Voice quality & Audio

The sound is surprisingly good when talking or listening to the other. It is also important that the recipient does not hear himself.

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The battery in the Finow Q3 is large as in the previous Finow smartwatches 450mAh. At least that’s the name of the manufacturer. We measured 389mAh. The real capacity thus moves at least close to the manufacturer’s specification. The duration depends on the usage. If you use the watch continuously, the battery is empty after 2 hours. For standalone use with SIM card and without Bluetooth connection to get pretty much throughout the day. But this is only the case if you activate the “Disconnect on standby” option. All data connections are disconnected in standby and WLAN disabled. If you use the Finow Q3 as a companion with a Bluetooth connection to the phone AND an inserted SIM card, you can not get more than the day. Suppose you start at 7am, the battery is empty then around 15 AM. If you use the Finow Q3 hand without a SIM card and only with Bluetooth, to get back over the day. The running time in active mode is not really exhilarating. If you use the Finow Q3 way as pure pm, without any network connection, reaches a battery about 4 – 7 days. Wireless is therefore clearly the feature with the highest energy consumption.
Charging the SmartWatch from 20% to 100%, will take you a little over an hour. You should turn off the clock, otherwise it takes longer.

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The Finow Q3 is a China Android SmartWatch like any other. The usual bugs and limitations are here again at the start, bringing the Finow Q3 is more suitable for hobbyists and nerds. The advantage of the Finow Q3 compared to other China Smart Watches is clearly the AMOLED display, which is more economical and easier to read at the same time. That was it but the bottom line already. In addition, the Q3 is likely to be an interesting alternative for those who are interested in the Finow X5, but not want to spend $ 120. The Finow Q3 is in preorder right now at Gearbest. You can get it at a much lower price for only 89.94$ by using our coupon GB9%.


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