Fitbit Versa Review – Smartwatch with 15 Plus Exercise Modes For Just $89.69 at Gearbest with Coupon


The Fitbit Versa Fitness Watch offers you personalized insights to help you work towards your fitness goals while reaming a stylish and comfortable watch that you’ll want to wear all day. A long-lasting battery, accessible notifications, and unique tracking functions help give the Fitbit Versa a personal and connected feel.

Buy Fitbit Versa Smartwatch from Gearbest


The Fitbit Versa health and fitness smartwatch have been created to help you live your life, the best way possible. Thanks to a lightweight, water-resistant (up to 50 meters) design, actionable insights, personalized guidance, on-screen workouts, and coaching, along with a battery that lasts up to four days; the Fitbit Versa helps you reach all your fitness and health goals. Designed with a super light geometric case, Versa is a watch that’s slim, casual and comfortable enough to wear all day and night. The battery of the Fitbit Versa Fitness Watch can give you over 4 days* of use on a single-use, so your device will have no problems keeping up with your busy lifestyle as you track your stats and gain insights to your health with Fitbit Today.

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Fitbit Versa helps to make your fitness tracking a less detached experience, thanks to the ability to receive calls, texts, and alerts from your mobile device**, as well as enough storage for over 300 songs for you to enjoy on the go. The Fitbit Versa is designed for all-day use. The tough and lightweight design ensures that it remains comfortable to wear throughout the day, while the brightness of the touch screen face means you can accurately decipher information in well-lit conditions. Over 15 different exercise modes are built into the Fitbit Versa, and by personalizing your workout routines you can accurately track every routine and improve yourself based on feedback principally unique to you. An NFC chip within the Fitbit Versa enables you to make wireless, wallet free payments using the credit card information you have stored within your watch. Your Versa can also wirelessly sync with a huge array of iOS, Android, and Windows devices.


Discover your cardio fitness level with the Fitbit Versa’s Purepulse heart rate system. The smartwatch will continuously monitor your heart rate to give you an insight into your fitness. You can also track your sleep patterns, steps, and distance covered. We can buy it from Gearbest at $89.69 by using Coupon Code: J42B522BCBDEB001 in Flash Sale or 100 Pcs Only

Buy Fitbit Versa Smartwatch from Gearbest


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