Fitness Tracker Waterproof Smart Sports Bracelet| 0.96 Inch TFT Screen, About 120 hours Design, Features Review


LEMFO LT01 is a smartwatch fitted with many amazing features ranging from the outer design to the inner properties. It has an amazing user interface accompanied with a widescreen to allow you to see all the information you need.

Design & Appearance

The interface is also colored making the device more interesting. With the ability to withstand harsh conditions such as rainfall, this device is not only perfect for those who love sports but for everyone else as well. It has a strong structure that makes it more durable and doesn’t allow it to break easily even when it falls or is exposed to dirt. When a call comes in, the name or ID of the caller is displayed on the OLED screen and notification is given by vibration. Touch and hold the touch key to hang up. Please note that you can respond to notifications of Facebook, SMS, messages, etc. so that you do not forget all messages. It corresponds to Bluetooth, Android, iOS smartphones. 2018 New version Carbon fiber technology Sri Lens Body design, color IPS touchscreen, fashion appearance is considered to be the best product every day than using sports. Carbon fiber creates an environmentally friendly band that does not irritate the skin.

Features & Functions

Sports will also monitor the heart rate at rest. Since the record can be displayed by daily or weekly with a special application, health management can be done easily and conveniently. Continuous operation is 5 to 10 days. Remove the main unit from the strap for the first time, insert it into the USB port and start charging by charging for 10 minutes. Charging can be done by inserting it into the USB port of the USB type, computer etc (facing the back side of the device upward). Data synchronization Measurement data can be synchronized automatically when connected to the smartphone with Bluetooth. Measurement data is stored in the smart bracelet body for seven days.Dustproof performance is class 6, dust does not enter inside. Waterproof performance is class 7, and there is no harmful effect even if it is immersed in water for a fixed time (30 minutes) with constant water pressure. Apart from telling time, this watch can also monitor your heart rate and help you keep track of your work out schedule and routines making it the perfect gadget for exercising. The tracking feature makes it easier to monitor your distance when jogging or running, your speed together with a number of calories you burn. This convenience is rarely found in other watches. In addition, the device allows you to monitor your sleep and control some functions of your phone such as the camera remotely.

Where To Shop

All the features of the watch give the LEMFO LT01 SmartWatch the multiple functionalities it has that range from being a monitoring device to being used to set up reminders. All these together with the ease of accessibility show that this is a device worth having in every household. LEMFO LT01 SmartWatch is now available on BANGGOOD just at $26.99. And The Another Good News is if you download the Official BANGGOOD APP than you can puchase anything you can get more discount and better prices.


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