If you haven’t heard about Spotify, you must have been living in a remote town in the farthest corner of the earth where technology has scarcely entered and people are still figuring out how to use it for their benefit (Pun intended). Anyways, this blogposts has nothing to do with the non-users. They are spared to have fun in their life without the application in their smartphones. The regular users of the music app, or those who have recently got in love with it, will surely find the following facts amusing, or might be shocking, or else outright absurd.

Spotify doesn’t let you change your username:

Young and stupid, many teens set a username which they regret as they grow older and a bit famous. While many social platforms allow their users to change it, Spotify isn’t one of them. The complex way of how its algorithm maps playlists to the accounts doesn’t allow for change Spotify username.

Work in harmony with Shazam:

The Shazam app is fun. It can identify music anywhere and accurately, given that you feed it a sample or use a microphone to feed it with data. Fortunately, it do couple up with other applications, and Spotify is one of them. Identify a song you find intriguing and then saving into a playlist so you can listen it later sounds like a desirable thing. The sync of Shazam to Spotify do work this way.

You can memorize your favorite songs:

Take aside those native speakers that can perfectly understand each and every word of a song, all other listeners have to rush to Google to search for the lyrics of a song they recently got in love with. Spotify saves you the trouble it involves in looking up the lyrics of every song you like. With a single touch you can have them in front of you, and you can sing along it.

You can restore a deleted playlist:

Human stupidity has no boundaries. Remember how many of time you deleted, accidently or intentionally, a treasured playlist, and later sweared like a trooper for doing so. Well, you don’t have to worry about it with Spotify. It allows you to restore all your deleted playlistswith the restore playlist tab, so you could use it carefree.

Spotify has the largest number of premium users:

With near to 250 monthly active users worldwide and well over 100 million paid subscribers, Spotify is second to none when it comes to generating revenue. Its nearest competitor Apple Music stands at 50 million paid users worldwide, even with the huge brand name of it. Spotify has been able to achieve this feat by growing paid subscriber at a stupendous rate of 32 percent year-on-year.


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