Five New Meizu Smartphones Have Been Certified


Recently, Meizu has eight new models that have been got approval from the radio transmitting, the Meizu M686 and M686G two models both don’t support netcom, it may be the Meizu Pro6s rumored before to be released by the end of October.


The 8 new model of Meizu smartphones are M611D,M611A,M611Y,M686,M686Q,M682Q,M621Q and M570Q-S, we can see M611D,M611A,M611Y belong to the same phone but different versions.So there should be five new smartphones from Meizu, M570Q-S should support netcom, which can be the variant of Meizu Pro 6, Meizu M682Q and M621Q both also support netcom function, but right now we don’t know the details about it. Meizu M611DM611A,M611Y should be the new Meilan smartphones.

As for M686 and M686Q, both supports dual network, and it’s rumored before that Meizu Pro 6s will be powered by Exynos 8890 processor which doesn’t support netcom, so M686 and M686Q may be very likely to be the Meizu Pro 6s.

These new models have got certified, according to the previous experience of Meizu, it will release soon. There is news that Meizu Pro 6s should come out at the end of October, just stay tuned.


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