Flagship Fast charge comparison released by UMI


These days nearly all flagships come with fast charge technology. Every manufacturer knows only to well that in this modern day,consumers are demanding larger capacity with ultra fast charge times,all while keeping the battery in good condition for as long as possible.Most of the current flagship models on the market now are trying to achieve both smaller size and larger capacity, and Umi Super is right up there. In-Stock-UMI-Super-Mobile-Phone-4G-LTE-5-5-FHD-MTK6755-Octa-Core-4G-RAM
This is a comparison of the big flagship models and their charging rates that has just been released by Umi. As for the five chosen flagship phones Umi decided on the following , we also listed battery capacity beside each phone:
OPPO R9 – 2850 mAh
Xiaomi Mi5 – 3000 mAh
OnePlus 3 – 3000 mAH
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – 3000 mAh
UMI Super – 4000 mAhGalaxy S7 Edge
The criteria Umi chose was, as expected, charging time,as was how long a fully charged battery would last and affordability. Give and take a few minutes, each device took roughly an hour to be charged to full battery capacity from an empty tank. However not all the test phones had the same battery capacity, for example the Umi had the largest battery,coming in at a very respectable 4000mAH. OPPO-R9All devices will give the user a good full day of use. The device that came in first was, yep you guessed it,the UMi Super, but also has the biggest battery of all,but is definitely the most affordable. The Umi Super uses USB Type-C port with support for USB 3.0 that does give faster transfer times. OnePlus 3 came in second with specs that are almost on an equal footing with the current flagships.one plus 3
The UMI Super,in theory, should be easily be at the top of this comparison as it does , after all have the biggest battery capacity and takes about an hour to fully charge. Testing battery capacity in all these devices isn’t as easy as the test criteria used, suggests. Each phone has different power consumption due to the different specifications used in each device. One thing is certain,the days of waiting for hours for your device to recharge are well and truly over, batteries will come with larger capacity yet smaller in size.Xiaomi Mi5
What do we think, we say that all these phones are fantastic, and fast charge technology will just get better and better as time marches on.There is no doubt about it the Umi Super is living up to its name.


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