Flash Sale! HappyCow 777-382 Anti-Crash RC Quadcopter For Just $16.50 at @CAFAGO


The Happycow 777-382 Sky Phantom drone looks like the little brother of the Hover Camera drone. However, the size of the quadrocopter is significantly lower, as is the range of functions and price. However, this quadrocopter also has an outer framework. The propellers are protected from all sides. Not only are the propellers protected, but also humans, animals, and objects. In a collision, the propellers do not come into contact with anything.

The Happycow 777-382 Sky Phantom drone is so small that it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The construction is extremely robust so that it survives numerous crashes and crashes. This quadrocopter is a mixture of nano- and mini-drone, which is more likely to count to the latter.

The Happycow 777-382 Sky Phantom has no camera or FPV function. If you want to make air shots you should choose a different model. For this reason, it is ideally suited as a great toy dough if you only want to fly. The pilot has three different fast flight modes (slow, medium and fast), and the little racer has a headless mode. In headless mode, the pilot does not have to pay attention to the current flight direction, which is an advantage for beginners.

The Happycow 777-382 Sky Phantom drone can be operated by 360-degree flips at the push of a button on the supplied remote control. A red and green LED always indicates to the pilot the direction of the drone.

The maximum flight time of the Happycow 777-382 Sky Phantom drone with the 280 mAh battery unfortunately only 4 minutes, which is really short. The battery must then be charged for 30 minutes. The Happycow 777-382 Sky Phantom drone itself weighs only 119 grams and is a flyweight. The dimensions of the Mini Quadrocopter are 7.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 cm. A type of transport box is attached to the remote control where you can store the drone. So you always have everything you need.

The purchase price of the Happycow 777-382 Sky Phantom drone is $16.50 In the flash sale on CAFAGO, which makes it interesting for beginners and newcomers. Although it has no camera and many features, it still offers a good price-performance ratio.


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