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Smart watches can pair with your phone to deliver notifications, alerts, and messages on your wrist. So, if you’re wearing a smartwatch, you can keep your phone in your pocket, on a counter, or where you decide to. But, as good as that setup is, you still need to have a smartphone. Worse yet, if your smart watch and phone are not near each other you lose functionality on the watch. That’s no fun and it ruins the point of having “smart” devices. There is a solution. You can buy LEMFO 3G and Zeblaze THOR standalone smartwatch in Flash Sale at CAFAGO.

LEMFO LEM5 3G Smart Watch Phone

LEMFO goes with a classic look instead of the sporty look similar to KW88, a very popular smartwatch running Android 5.1 O.S. Sometimes manufacturers follow the success of its smartwatch with the same model just with an upgraded spec. In the case of LEMFO LEM5 3G, it’s different, LEMFO goes back to a classic design similar to LEM1, the smartwatch has a classic look with its stainless steel body and a leather strap.

The smartwatch has a 1.39” inch screen with a 400 x 400-pixel screen providing sharp and crisp graphics. The watch has three physical buttons on the side that includes the watch crown. Honestly, we are a fan of the design, it is classy, it looks pretty well made, the bare stainless steel adds more beauty to its design compared to a flat black color. The LEM5 look like a rebranded FINOW X5, they have similar looks, as well as specs. The LEMFO LEM5 3G is powered by MTK6580 Quad core processor, it is running Android 5.1 with 8 GB of internal memory, the smartwatch can be used independently without the need of your smartphone. It features a nano SIM slot compatible with GSM and WCDMA network, but can still be received push notifications from your smartphone via Bluetooth version 4.0. Fitness features of the watch include pedometer, heart rate monitor as well as built in GPS to track your location during outdoor workout.

Zeblaze THOR Smart Watch Phone

Zeblaze THOR uses 1.4-inch Super AMOLED display screen of CORNING Gorilla Glass, up to a 400*400 resolution, with saturated overall color, accurate and natural color representation to present a natural and 3D appearance. Zeblaze THOR impresses you by coupling hardness with softness. With tough and clear body lines, delicate work through 30 procedures for 72 hours, create the beauty of THOR fashion details, without any wonderful detail missed at hand. Equipped with Quad Core processor, Zeblaze THOR provides strong dynamics and highly efficient operation for you under varied conditions.16GB high-speed memory, deep and close coordination with software and hardware, enough to deal with gaming or social applications.

Based on deeply developed and customized UI interface of Android5.1, Super AMOLED display screen of low power consumption has all power consumptions reduced significantly to create such an outstanding endurance of Zeblaze THOR. Zeblaze THOR supports GPS satellite reception, to provide navigation continuously for you in an urban environment (available for the more challenging environment) to gain more accurate routes. By using Samsung original heart rate chip and more accurate algorithm, Zeblaze THOR can reach an error rate of static +/-3BPM and dynamic +/-5BPM, to accurately capture your heart rate data and from historical record (dynamic refers to slow running speed not more than 8KM/H), to gain a good control of heartbeats in hand. Zeblaze THOR uses porous silica and breathable watch band with a unique structure of perspiration slot, without any concern about perspiration. However, it’s not the end of our surprise, as we take the lead in the fashion trend of smart wearables, THOR has introduced Bicolor injection strap to integrate the aspiration of scientific and technological innovation into the strong humanized design.


The LEMFO 3G and Zeblaze THOR can also help you stay in shape and reach your fitness goals. Both can monitor your daily activities and heart rate, as well as remind you when you\’ve been sitting still for too long. With elegant curves, a sleek finish, and personalized watch faces and bands, the LEMFO 3G and Zeblaze THOR is designed to keep up with the speed and style of your life. You can Buy LEMFO 3G at 107.99$ / 92.87€ Use Coupon Code: LFLM811 and Zeblaze THOR at 97.91$ / 84.2€ Use Coupon Code: ZBH817 in Flash Sale on CAFAGO This Flash sale Valid Aug 23rd to Aug 31st.


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