Flash Sale! Wewow P3 – A Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal for your Smartphone (Coupon included)


The Wewow P3 is a 3-axis gimbal that you hold it with your hand and with it you can take the perfect shot with your mobile. It is very easy to use and anyone can use it to take the most steady steady photos or video and look like a pro!


The Wewow P3 is equipped with a spirit level which helps you to get accurate balance very quickly, so you wont loose the shot. The gimbal uses as power for working its motor, 2 x 18350 batteries. They are more than enough to operate with your P3 for many hours. The gimbal comes also with a low power indicator, so you will know when exactly you must change your batteries. The upper part of the Weeoe P3 is made of strong & durable aluminum alloy so it wont have any problem is any sudden moves and the under-part is a lightweight ABS, equipped with an ergonomic and non-slip design for easy and steady use. If you want to attach the upper part on a helmet, bicycle, car & etc, you have this ability but the mounting accessories need to purchase separately. The maximum opening distance that can reach the gimbal is 7.5cm. You can use with mobiles that their diagonal is less than 5.7 inch. The gimbal is also compatible with Action Camera. The size of the Wewow P3 is 26.8 x 12.2 x 3.8cm and weights only 406.5g.


The Wewow P3 features 3-Axis for better stabilization. The gimbal is handheld and can be used only with mobile with less than 5.7 inch or action camera. Features a 5 modes multi-functional button. With it you can achieve the mode of pan, tilt, roll lock or follow. For controlling the way your mobile shoots, uses a very sensitive joystick that can sense your finger movement instantly & correctly, you can rotate shooting direction stably & easily. The installed motor uses a super low noise technology, do not affect video shooting with unwanted noise form the movement of the gimbal.


The Wewow P3 with the 3 axis movement and the precise control through the equipped joystick, can make any amateur look like a pro. OF course this kind of offer, only at camfere.com we could find, where they specialize with photography. But we have and a coupon code for you, the IGEEK5, so when you order it from camfere.com, the final price to drop down to 189.99USD!


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