Flash Sale! Xiaomi HD 3D VR Headset For Just $9.99 at @CAFAGO


Xiaomi is back with another new Xiaomi VR 3D glass for us with its unique design and style. Xiaomi has always proved themselves, so let’s see what they have to gift us this time with its feature & specification.

The design given to this VR glass is very stylish and unique in itself. And with this VR glass, you will get one complementing two zipper cover back which is made up with Lycra material. This type of material is exceptional elastic, lightweight and adds no pressure to the device. The design given to this bag is with complete intelligence because it will give your VR glass an extra protection. This zipper will keep close to the VR glass by securing it with extra protection without any obstructions in its activities. The color of this VR glass is Black which is giving an elegant look to it.

For any VR glass, the lens plays the vital matter to look out. So in this VR glass, Xiaomi have used the anti-dazzle lens for giving their users a clear view of everything they watch through it. With the help of this VR glass, you can also enjoy watching panorama videos and images. Moving to the button of this VR glass it is found that it is made up of thread metal which can prove long lasting even using it doing heavy actions. This VR glass is compatible with any smartphone which is 4.7 – 5.7 inches long.

The weight of this VR glass is just 209 grams and their total dimension is 7.91 x 4.21 x 3.58 inches. The weight of this VR glass is very light to be carried in your head. This VR glass has lots of goodness in it. And believe me, VR glass fans will be overwhelmed with this glass especially for its awesome features and design along with a very reasonable price tag. Hope this article proves to be useful for your reference.

The price for this Xiaomi VR 3D glass is very very reasonable in terms of the features we are getting from it. Currently, some flash sale is going on CAFAGO at $9.99 using $8.26 coupon code: WZPA3839


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