(Flash Sale) Xiaomi Mi Headphones Relax Version: Wired Over-Ear, For Just $51.16


This original Xiaomi Mi Headphones Relax Version is Hi-Res Audio certified, which means its sound quality has far beyond the CD sound boundary. Crystal clear sound, gives you the best auditory feast. High-quality material and unique design, wear ear for a long time not tired. Wearing Xiaomi headphones relax version, enjoy your music world.

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The biggest highlight of the Relax version of these Original Xiaomi Mi Headphones is its design. All those who have tried them emphasize the great comfort of these headphones , mainly due to the good quality leather of the pads. The rest of the device also offers a feeling of softness and is pleasant to the touch. All combined with a simple, minimalist but elegant design. In short, a really competent finish.

As far as features are concerned, we are faced with headphones with 3.5mm jack wiring, whose special feature lies in the touch panel placed on the left earphone . From here we will be able to change the song, stop playing and even answer calls. These headphones have an integrated microphone , so we will also be able to use their hands-free function.

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It is worth mentioning the Hi-Res audio certification, which assures us a remarkable sound quality and details. In addition, the cable that carries is Matt type: an elastic wiring anti-scratch and anti-dust quite unusual in these areas. Headphones Xiaomi Mi Headphones Comfort have a simple and reliable design of plastic and a metal arc at the base of the headband.

Xiaomi Mi headphones Relax Version With comes with closed acoustic design, good sound quality, built-in microphone and affordable price. Xiaomi Mi headphones Relax Version is now available on Gearbest just at $51.16 On Black Friday Sale.

Buy Xiaomi Mi headphones Relax Version For Just $51.16


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