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Xiaomi is really getting into others business, smartphone then laptops and now a wireless mouse and Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Bulb IPL E27. What else do we expect from Xiaomi? I’m sure whatever Xiaomi will create next will be of best quality and with top notch hardware. Xiaomi released Mi Mouse, a wireless portable mouse and a perfect companion for Xiaomi Mi Book and MacBook. Let us see how it is the best companion for your Mi Book and MacBook. Xiaomi has been producing all sorts of products and the Yeelight is one of them. It is a smart LED light bulb that has quite a few features and it is affordable.

Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Bulb IPL E27

The color of light can affect human senses, stimulating nerves, and produce a variety of emotional and psychological effects. Studies have shown that red color is exciting and vigorous, it affects people in a similar manner. Quiet calm blue tones are relaxing, orange color stimulates the appetite, black — brings peace. Special color can also improve the quality of human life.

Specific temperature and brightness of the Special color can also improve the quality of human life. Specific temperature and brightness of the lamp can affect the brain activity which will help you to concentrate during mental activity, or to calm down, relieve fatigue and improve your sleep. To create a relaxed atmosphere with friends, choose warm shades of Yeelight Smart Bulb, and your conversation will certainly be pleasant, friendly and cheerful. Create a romantic atmosphere with the streaming mode: colors will flow smoothly from one to another, so you can look at your soul mate each time like for the first time.

You can connect the Xiaomi Yeelight LED Smart Bulb to your home WiFi network and Smart Home APP, this will allow you to control the bulb operation remotely via your smartphone or tablet. You can adjust the light in the room of a sleeping child, switch the lighting mode without getting up from a comfortable sofa, check the operation of the lamp before leaving the room, and create a soft, warm atmosphere, turning on the relaxation on your return.

In order to give each day of your life a rich spectrum of colors, we have created this wonderful LED lamp Xiaomi Yeelight, which will serve you for many years. The brightness of 600 lumens is provided by the ultra-low 9 W power consumption, which is 30 % less than in the classic incandescent lamps. You will be able to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the Yeelight LED Smart Bulb for 11 years. Read books, work hard, enjoy watching movies or just relax, and the Xiaomi Yeelight LED Smart Bulb will take care of your vision.

Xiaomi Portable Mouse Optical Bluetooth Dual Mode

This product is made of anodized aluminum and ABS plastic material. The surface has been sandblasted. With a small size, it weighs only 77.5 grams. Maybe due to the light weight, it does not touch a strong sense of metal, but more like a plastic material. It gets a thickness of only 23.6mm so that it can be put into most notebook bags easily.

The upper part of the mouse adopts a circular symmetrical design and is made of ABS plastic material, thus it feels relatively comfortable and gets better wear resistance. This is also a universal design for left and right hands. From the side view, due to the low side height, Mi portable mouse is more suitable for those who have small hands to use. Otherwise, users with big hands may feel a bit unsuited.

Before the first use, you need to remove the protective circular twisted cover at the bottom and the Bluetooth bottom-right transparent battery separator. And then, you can firstly toggle the middle switch and choose the model to use. If you need to use the 2.4GHz connection, you can connect the receiver to the computer and click the mode button to make it green to use. But if the Bluetooth connection then switches to the blue light. You can long press the mode key to fast blink blue light state and search for “MiMouse” via the computer or other devices for matching and connection. After that, it can be used.

Another noteworthy point is that this portable mouse uses a high-precision photoelectric sensor, which not only makes the DPI up to 1200 but also makes the mouse can be used on the wooden desktop, or even ground glass, fabric environment in addition to the conventional mouse pad.


Overall, the Xiaomi Bluetooth mouse is more like a portable mouse for mobile office work. It seems example to be prepared for business people. In addition to the small size and portability, in my opinion, its Sale on Lightinthebox in Flash sale at $21.99 and With the advancements of smart gadgets, everyone’s life has become very easy and one of the examples of this is LED Light. There are varieties of LED Lights available with different features out of which this newly launched light i.e. Yeelight LED ceiling light is ideal for the tight spaces and offers many features over the other LED lights, its Sale on Lightinthebox in Flash sale at $16.14


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