Flashforge Creator Pro 2 3D Printer With 30% OFF at Just $649.99


As an upgraded version of the classical Creator series, with the Independent dual extruder (IDEX) system, The Flashforge Creator Pro 2 3D Printer provides beginners with higher quality and easier operation. Creator Pro 2 is the best-in-class of compatibility of wide brands filaments by the classical structure.

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The Pro 2 is easy to operate with a clear LCD screen, has a print surface of 200 x 148 x 150 mm, and is equipped with an innovative anti-scrape design that prevents your nozzle from coming too close to the print bed or the 3D print. to stand. Also, you can easily mirror or duplicate your 3D print to save time.

With that in mind, Flashforge retained the same solid, strong and reliable frame structure as the previous model. All metal and plastic parts are designed to work together with great precision. Thoughtful design details like the solid body, removable top cover, external handles, and wide-angle front panel opening are still present in our brand new Creator 2.

Complex design objects

Thanks to the materials compatibility of the FlashForge Creator Pro2, you will be able to produce complex parts and design objects using soluble supports such as PVA.

Built-in LED

In addition, it is possible to print directly from an SD card or via a USB connection and the print area can be illuminated with the built-in LED lighting. The printer comes standard with FlashPrint software from Flashforge, but the printer is also compatible with other well-known slicing software.

Independent extrusion system

The FlashForge Creator Pro 2 printer incorporates independent dual extrusion technology. You can use 2 different manufacturing modes: duplication and mirror. The Creator Pro 2 can also print in basic dual extrusion using soluble support materials for easy removal.

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Where To Buy

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Buy Flashforge Creator Pro 2 at $829.99 on Aliexpress


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